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For our Grade 6 Design Project, we created a created a cardboard arcade game. In this project, we have to use our creative minds to create a full functional yet fun arcade game. This project was inspired by a youtube video where a 10 year-old boy named Caine made an entire arcade using only cardboard, this gave us inspiration to do the same and be creative with our games and makes us think like designers.

This is my cardboard arcade(as seen in photo). It is a game where you will have 5 balls and you have to throw it holes, the smaller the hole, the more points it is when you make it in. The different scores are 10, 50, 60, 100, 200, 300. This can be a singe or multiplayer game, for single player, you try to beat your high-score, for multiplayer, you try to beat your opponents, whoever has the most at the end wins.

My Biggest Success for this game was making a fully functional return system. It was quite hard to figure out and make since this isn’t including technology so i had to design it properly with lots of difficulties like… getting stuck in the return system, not fully coming out and many other difficulties. Overall, it was really hard to create and that is why i felt like it was my biggest success when i finished it.

One piece of advice i would give a future student doing this project is that you really need to think properly about the hard/difficult parts to make. Since some people including me sometimes don’t look deep enough to find the hard parts and always puts us on the spot and your stuck. So, please inquire about your game before you start making it

Overall, I think the game was successful and will work and is quite good, i have enjoyed this process of making a cardboard arcade game and hope to do it again soon!



Front Side of My Cardboard Arcade Game

Cup Insulator Design Challenge Reflection

Our Problem 

In the winter, the ISB mugs cannot hold the heat of hot water. Therefore, the heat of the liquid will turn cold rapidly, making it hard to keep the hot water hot in the mug for a period. 


The Goal of This Design and My Team’s Solution 

Goal: We need to build an efficient cup insulator that holds heat, looks good, can drink the water inside, and can be removable 

My team’s solution: 

 1.We created a cover for the mug because most of the time, the heat comes out of the top of the mug 

2. We created an outside layer made from layers of the mug made from felt (the outside layer, foil (the inside layer), and foam (the in-between layer). The purpose is to not let the heat escape from the sides

3.We created a coaster that was made from popsicle sticks and felt. The purpose of this was to not let heat escape from the bottom  


C (Claim) E (Evidence) R (Reasoning) 

Claim: Foil works well for a layer to surround the cup to keep it warm 

Evidence: The Control Group (without an insulator) lost 20.9 degrees in ten minutes, we lost 12.1 degrees in ten minutes representing that our insulator works. 

Reasoning: Most bottles that can hold heat use metals for their inside layer, we didn’t have metal but we did have foil and it turned out pretty good. 



A highlight of our cup insulator is the design of our layers, we wrote science on the felt to make it look good and fashionable. We even used colorful felt to decorate the cup cover 



Something that I want to improve is to decrease the length of the layer of felt, foam, and foil so that it can be drinkable since the model that we created, the mouth would always touch the insulator when drinking which is a bad thing so we need to improve on that. 


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