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Cup Insulator Design Challenge


Cup Insulator Inside

Cup Insulator Outside


The problem we’re trying to solve here is that it is turning cold, and the teachers are drinking hot drinks, but it gets cold really easily, so we’re trying to invent something that keeps the drinks hot.


I used the engineering and design process and first we investigated the materials, and then we talked to each other, discussing which materials we should use. Then, we drew a model and included all the materials we needed. After that we collected and started our 1st prototype. We found out it didn’t work really well so we made another model and started our 2nd prototype.


Claim: Our project kept the heat for a long time and worked really well.

Evidence: Due to our data, the temperature of the hot water only dropped 11.1 degrees (from 89.7 to 78.6) and without our product, the temperature dropped 20.9 degrees.

Reasoning: Our product kept the heat for a really long time and worked really well because of the layers and designs we made. The first layer, which is a little EVA Foam, which keeps the water hot, the second layer is the Tin foil, and it helps trapping the heat inside. The third layer of our product is another layer of EVA Foam, but lots this time, the fourth layer is Styrofoam and the last is cloth with tin foil tape wrapped around. All of this all either traps or keeps the heat inside because the heat cannot go through the materials and bounces back. So, the heat wont easily escapes from the mug.


What are you proud of?

I am proud of myself finishing this product while collaborating and compromising with my group mates. We went through many difficulties during the designing part, but we’ve overcame it. I am really proud that it was a success.

What is the hardest thing about this project?

Some difficulties were that it was hard to communicate with each other, because we had different views and ideas of how to make/design our product, but at last we came with 1 idea that combines each of our ideas. Another difficulty was that we found out we couldn’t use the hot glue as our cap, because it will melt. So, we tried with another material and it turned out great. We observed the things that should be improved, and we did it.

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