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This is my cardboard arcade design. My cardboard arcade design is 2 player game. And it called SHOOT.

Skills that I learned or developed were cutting cardboard. I haven’t cut the cardboard with boxcutter in different ways. I think my biggest success was that my game worked good and everyone enjoyed playing my cardboard game. And I think my biggest obstacle was that it was a little hard to play it. Because, the shooter wasn’t sticked to the surface so I think it was hard to players. If I did this again, one thing I’d like to differently is to make the shooter stick. I will stick the shooting part at the starting line and destroy some obstacles in the game, so the shooter will easy to goal in.


PROBLEM: Your teachers are trying to keep their hot drinks warm during the cold Beijing winter. Help them out by designing and engineering cup insulator.


Explain your process of solving this problem. (Write about how you used engineering and design process.)

First, we shared the individual prototype idea. Then we gather our ideas and drew the final prototype. And we designed the model together, and we also fixed few parts to make the model better. And the cover of our model is made of foil Styrofoam, plastic bubble wraps, and Velcro. We stick the bubble wrap and foil Styrofoam together with the glue gun, also we glued the Velcro at one side of the cover and at the other side of it. The top of our model is used with the fabric, drinking plug, and rubber bend. We glued the fabric and the drinking plug, and we can use the rubber bend to stay it.


CER: My claim is that foil Styrofoam and the Velcro help to stay the temperature of water. The evidence of foil Styrofoam is that the data told us the temperature of water stays more warmer when we are not using any things to cover it. When we are not using the models at the start the temperature of water was 92.6 degree and at the end was 71.7 degree. It has 20.9 difference, but when we use the model that we made at the start was 86.8 degree and at the 10 minutes, it was 78.0 degree. It only had 8.8 degree. And for the evidence of Velcro, it helped to make the model more useful. It is useful, because we can easily stick the bubble wraps and the foil Styrofoam to the mug cup, and it is also easy to get them off. I think it is easier than putting the rubber bend every single time when I want to drink it.


What are you proud of?

I am proud of that my group worked very well together and we made the cool model.


What was the hardest thing about this project?

I think the hardest part was choosing the finalized prototype, because we have to gather all of our ideas and we have to make the model useful, looks good.




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