"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein


1. Explain the problem you were trying to solve

The water is cooling down too fast, and we need to stop it, before it gets too cold.

2. Explain your process for solving this problem. (Write about how you used the engineering design process)

 First we planned out our each individual plan of a mug

 We put the plans together

 We made little changes in the plans and we made it

4 Our mug thing doesn’t really help the water inside keep the heat

5 Because the lid had some small openings, it won’t look like much, but it will actually let out a lot of heat in 10 minutes, so it won’t keep the heat for a long time because the heat will escape through the small openings.

6 Our water temperature dropped 20 degrees in 10 minutes, which basically made no difference. So I think that our mug thing doesn’t really help

I am proud of making the mug, and the good thing is that the inside of the lid is water proof since it is duct tape

What I would do differently is that I would change my design of the lid because I think it is kind of sloppy and kind of ugly with the buttons

My Cardboard arcade game

My cardboard arcade game is called Whacky Tower Ball. The game has 3 layers, the first layer is a maze, every time the ball turns around a corner, you hit it with a slingshot. And then you try to aim it into a hole, to get it to drop into the second layer. The second layer is a cardboard piece with holes on it, and there are curved cups, and when the ball falls into the hole, you try to use the cups to catch it, and drop it into the hole. Underneath each hole is a point, and whatever number you get, that is your score. And the layer with the numbers is the third layer.

Welcome to Your New Blog!

When you blog you create posts and posts are categorised according to your subject. Some categories have already been set up for you. If you need more categories you can add them as needed. It’s important that your posts have the following:

  • An engaging title – this should not include the name of the subject since this is referenced in the category.
  • Body – this is where you share your learning. This can include text, images, embedded videos from Dragons’ Tube or elsewhere. You should always consider how your post looks to your audience. Is it engaging? Do they want to keep reading?
  • Category – select one that has been set for you or add a new category. Posts can have more than one category e.g. Humanities and Myself as a Learner

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