Design-Dog house

My project is designed for my friend. Her problem is that her dog is really needy, but her dog isn’t allowed to go on beds. So I design a dog house that has a bed. There are also a rope to play with and a place to eat. This can keep the dog entertained. The house is designed to place by the side of your bed. While the dog is beside you, it is also not on the bed.

The place I struggled the most is the stairs. I had to cut a lot of pieces of the same size. I also had to glue and dry and glue and dry, this took up some time.


Cardboard arcade invention

One thing I’d like to add is a fence in the front. When the ball rolls off the ramp, it sometimes rolls off the table, so I want to add a fence at the end of the ramp to avoid the balls rolling away.

If I did this again, I would make the holes bigger so it would be easier to play ( The hole was too small so it was pretty hard.) I would also want to add some rules.

A piece of advice for the other children is to think of the size/length of your game before you start building, otherwise, it would be really frustrating to make and measure at the same time.