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Why am I doing this? I am here for you guys.

Video of the Week 5

Hi guys! This is a meme kind of song and I hope you guys enjoy it. This is a FNAF6  song so it might be a little bit creepy to some people, but I hope you guys enjoy!

This song is sung by my favorite Youtuber Dawko, and he loves FNAF, so he and another creator made this video.

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Video of the Week 4

It’s almost Christmas! This is a video of Beacon of hope by DaGames and I was thinking of celebrating the Christmas with this song, and this is just the type of music and video I was thinking about. Sorry for short description. Bye!

Video of the Week 3

Hey guys! Thanks for your patience, and this is the third video! I know you guys all like the original Hot Food meme, so I decided to send you guys the FNAF version of Hot Food!

This version of hot food might need a pretty loud sound for it to play because the words isn’t very clear and is pretty song like, so it’s pretty much unclear, but I just like it because of how they do the sounds and animations. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Also, it’s almost like the original film, which I will be posting next week. Bye!

Video of the week 2

another one of the videos of the week


it’s technically rush e but played by a real person and not real because of edits but it’s still fun. This is one of my favorite Elioth videos and by recent news is that the thing that’s actually playing is Black MIDI. Elioth is only playing part of it. You can tell from the back part that he isn’t playing ALL the notes in the spot where it is supposed to be. It’s still really fun that you can see someone try Rush E on the piano.

It’s also edited, so it looks like the original plays

This is what i have found on youtube. this isn’t so fun.


Video of the week

UNDERTALE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! Try to not laugh at it. It’s real FUN. Though it is actually Deltarune, and has some stuff that are really strange, the video still has good quality and great drawings and stuff. The video itself is about war and stuff, and strange sounds and stuff too, especially the part where Kris is SCREAMING in the top of his lungs,  like in the picture here.


This is strange of Alphys to be in here but it’s about the monsters in Undertale being on land, and also Kris might look like Chara…. just saying.

The Water Cup Challenge

The problem we were trying to solve is the trying to slow down the speed slower than usual. We solved it by adding a type  of heater that adds the heat up more and then decrease the amount of time that decreases the heat loss.

We did the heat in the first place which is still pretty small heat and loses heat pretty quickly at first but it only lost about 20˚ in total, but we also gained heat because of the places that it can rebound the heat back into the cup sometimes. This is the picture of the insulator:



hi guys this is fun to try out this post. I really hope you guys could reply soon.

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