"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Cup insulator reflection

Cup insulator


Team members: Arthur John Rayan


  1. We tried to insulate the cup and the cold air outside and also keeping the water inside warm.
  2. I tested if each material was insulating by breathing hot air and try to feel the heat on the other side. Another thing I did was put as many layers on the cup as possible.
  3. I found out that Thicker “clothing” for the cup doesn’t mean more protection
  4. The thick cup clothing falls off easily, which makes it less effective. Also, the temperature could also float out through the top part where you drink.
  5. The thick clothing doesn’t only make it harder to drink but also doesn’t stick to the cup and falls out which makes it ugly too. And, because we did not cover the top of the cup, the hot air can easily escape.
  6. I was proud of how I found a new way to test the temperature.
  7. I would have taken out the cotton balls and steel wool so the clothing around the cup is thinner and I will also cover the top with aluminum.
  8. The hardest thing was making up the idea and creating the prototype
  9. Some limitations are when making the prototype, there are some                         things that paper wasn’t able to imitate.

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