"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

My narrative

My Heat Insulator Design

The problem what i was trying to solve was to  make my design removable.  The handle was not removable so we made a big whole in it to fit the handle we put velcro to make it steady.  CER: C Putting a cap on a insulator helps. E 1. The baselines total loss was 20.9 and our test was 13.2. 2.  I have asked a group If our design looks like it will be sold in a supermarket. R putting the cap will stop making the heat going out from the cup. I am proud of that i was able to make my design removable i took me a long time to make this with my partner. I would make my design more compact so it will be more easy to use in the daily life.

My Cardboard Arcade Project

I have made an card bored shootout game in this project with Patrick.  What you do is you pull the launcher back and get it into the whole.

My biggest obstacle was making the ramps for when you score it will automatically go to a platform.  Skills that i learned  was the easy way to cut cardboard with a knife. With that i am able to cut card bored more easily when i started. I would like to change the design of my game. i would add more colorful design’s to it.   One piece of advise I would give a future student I will tell them to not choose a hard game because they don’t have much time as they think.


My Life So Far

My Name Story

The picture that represents me.

  This is me after October break. It represents me because after summer break. breaks dose not feel fun or exciting anymore. So the dog thats getting hit is me.

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