"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

my design cardboard arcade game

This quarter in design, I made a cardboard arcade game with two of my friends; Milly and Connie. We decided upon a Cookie Monster target-trowing game that we found on google, and started to create it. Below is the final product:

One thing I would like to change are the eyes on on the top of the arcade game because after we added it, it started to really look like a FROG. We didn’t mean to make it like that and we considered to not make the game into a Cookie Monster at one point but me still did. So, if I could make this again, I would not add the eyes.

My biggest success was how the structure worked perfectly by going down the right way and not falling everywhere if you threw the ping pong ball into the target hole. Another really big success would be how we converted the game into two games after we made a wrong cut.

Overall, I think this product was successful because a lot of people came to our game to play on December 11th, and some people even played more than once!


this the inside of our game.

SCI-cup insulator

For this experiment, we were trying to solve the problem of coffee cooling down when people (teachers) want it to be hot. My science partner Gina and I used the design process to make this project. First, we each drew a prototype and settled on one of them. Then, listed down how we were going to make this thing. The third step was to make a paper prototype, then to actually start on the real thing. Finally, we made some changes on the thing and tested the product! Anyways, that wasn’t actually the last part because we also wrote a reflection.

After everything we did, I found out that our product only decreased 12.2º! Compared to the baseline, we were on by about 8.7º ! Well my claim is that the prototype 1 and the baseline had a lot of difference between them. I know this because the difference was 8.7º and that is a lot. I think our claim happened because out prototype had a lot of layers and there was aluminum foil, which will make the thing warmer since it is made of aluminum foil.

I am most proud of how our project was designed because it wasn’t so messy and it worked well. Next time, if we could do this again, I would probably make this thing prettier.

insulator                              cap

Where I’m From

I am from “May I have your attention please, it’s 3:35 and the buses are leaving in 5 minutes. So if you’re riding the bus home please board the bus now. This is your last call, Thank you.”

From my friends and my family.

I am from the second house to the left on my street,

comfortable, pretty, as cold as Antarctica.

I am from dandelions that I can wish at, as furry as a puppy.

From Darren – as loud as a door slamming,

and Brenda – with her beautiful singing voice.

I am from swimming classes and playing cards.

From do your homework.

I’m from Hefei and Yangquan,

Spaghetti, and Hot Pot.

From my mom destroying my dad’s garden and making him to go back to China.

And California, Paris, Maldives,

Shining in my memory like a star.

© 2021 Carina

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