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Cup Insulator Project ☕️

       1.Explain the problem you were trying to solve

- We were trying to make a cup insulator to keep the water in the mug hot for longer

       2. Explain your process for solving this problem. (Write about how you used engineering and design process)

- I missed the first class, so I didn't plan anything

- But I came when they started the prototype
  •  We measured the cups sides
  •  We used paper, tape and scissors
- Then we made it
  • We took popsicle sticks and taped them together and cut them in the shape of a lid
  • Then we took a silver tape and didn't peel of the non sticky thing so it isn't sticky and covered it with aluminum foil
        3. CER - To practice writing a CER I want you to make one regarding the Cup insulator

C - Make a CLAIM which is a statement of truth that you learned from your data
E - Provide EVIDENCE to back up that CLAIM. Go back to your data and gather two pieces of EVIDENCE to support the CLAIM
R - Write a scientific REASONING for why your CLAIM happened

- Our cup insulator didn't work well. According to the chart with out the mug insulator in 5 minutes it lost 12.5 celsius and with it lost 12 celsius. Only 0.5 less. And with the cup insulator in 10 minutes it lost 17.5 celsius, and with out it lost 20.9. So it did lose less in the last five minutes. I think that one of the reasons it didn't do that well is because I think felt wasn't that helpful even though it was an important part of the cup insulator. Because felt has like holes kind of. 
       4. What are you proud of?

- My bow

- Because the rest sucked

      5. What would you do differently?

- Make it good

- Maybe add cotton because lots of people did

- Remove the buttons

      6. What was the hardest thing about this project?

- Cutting the popsicle sticks

      7. What are new skills you learned in this project?

- How to get melted hot glue of of your hands

- How to cut popsicle sticks with out it flying out

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