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My Foosball Cardboard Arcade Game

For our 6th-grade cardboard arcade game, we made a Foosball game. (Eileen and I)  It took 3-4 classes to finish. One thing I really enjoyed about this game is that it is fun, usable, and includes competitive things. It turned out so great.

My biggest obstacle was to measure perfectly the length of the kickers and how it has to work with the overall box or rectangle or whatever you want to call it. I had to make sure that it didn’t touch the ones beside one, and how it’s low enough to kick the ping pong ball…  and actually play.

Furthermore, if I made this all again, I would change several things. First, changing the size of the goal. this goal is super tiny and really hard for the ball to get in. On the other hand, I really want to change the number of people and the size of this overall design. Then, I would change the sticks and improve the handles, this part was the hardest part of the design, trying to connect two thin straight pieces of skewers was not too easy to get it stable.  And as you can see, the handles here were just for temporary protection just in case someone poked their eyes. (that will be hard to fix)

Overall, I think this product is successful because of the following reasons…

  1. most people find it really fun and easy to understand
  2. never-ending fun and never-ending game.
  3. stable and not easy to break
  4. FUN and makes people smile.

To wrap it all up,  I enjoyed making this cardboard arcade, and Eileen and I’s product is successful.



PROBLEM: Your teachers are trying to keep their hot drinks warm during the cold Beijing winter. Help them out by designing and engineering cup insulator.

Explain your process for solving this problem. (Write about how you used the engineering and design process.)

First, we came up with our own individual ideas on a piece of paper, considering the looks and how it traps the heat. Then, we came together in a group and came up with a design that contained all our ideas including materials that we might need (from home and from school) We learned how some materials can trap (not thin fabric for example) the heat and kept it in the mug. When we create, we tried our best to use the least materials possible. We tried different materials, and how some won’t work because of the size. We attached velcro so it is removable, we also attached bubble wrap so it might help better (we weren’t sure about that) After that, we reflected on our project and how well we did.

CER: my claim is that “foil styrofoam” (a material) and the plastic cap traps and keeps the heat from escaping the mug and can keep the liquid inside warm.  My evidence: after testing our insulator, the temperature only lowered by 8.8 degrees after 10 minutes of hot water inside our insulator. (Which is made out of foil styrofoam) My reasoning: the two material is probably thick and has enough coverage to keep and trap the heat inside. And reflects the heat back into the mug that keeps it still warm after 10 minutes in room temperature.

Some limitation we had during the process: We didn’t have so many materials, we had a lot of Brought from home, but it isn’t the exact size we wanted.

What I am proud of: I am proud of how we all collaborated, and how our cup looks, and how it actually works.

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