Grade 6, Science, Design, Engineering​

I was trying to solve the problem that happens when hot drinks get cold.

First, I and Evelyn drew out what might our insulator look like. Then we combined our ideas and made a final prototype. After that, we made a prototype out of paper and tape finally, we started collecting our materials.

I think that putting a lid on the mug can let the warm water decrease slower. For example, the lid is thick and hard so the hot gas won’t escape from the mug and will keep the water hot/warm. So, Evelyn and I glued layers of aluminum foil to the E.V.A foam. We were thinking that the water was already really hot/warm, so we want to keep it like that for the rest of the 15 minutes.

I am proud of us for making the Piggy Insulator because it was our idea and not just one person’s job and idea. Also, we worked together and took turns gluing, cutting, taping our project and we did not just let one person do all the work while one just hangs around doing nothing.

The hardest thing about this project would be making sure the sizes of the shape are completely a fit for the mug. Even if we measured it making sure it was 100 % correct. But when we glue the sides on, it might not work as planned. For example, if you glue the sides on top of the circle (any shape that you are gluing on) it’s going to be small and not fit properly.  If you glue it on the side/edge of the circle, then it will be a perfect fit. So, our group glued it on top of the circle, so it was too small and we ended up cutting so pieces off.

After all of that, I learned different ways and little hacks of you designing stuff like insulators and others. Making sure every piece goes on correctly and concentrating on what you’re working on. (Especially when you are working with hot glue). We used materials responsibly and didn’t waste anything while we were working on the Piggy Insulator.