The problem I was trying to solve is that because there was Global Warming, the penguins are losing their habitat. So, I was trying to design something that can stay cool.

First, our group decided we want a material that can reflect light/heat and that was going to be mylar. We can’t just have one material so we decided to add white felt because our last experiment showed that felt and mylar gained the least amount of heat. After that, we made our design the same size as the ice cube because we didn’t want to waste materials. Instead of making a flat lid, we made a curved lid. We think that the mylar can reflect better curved. The design was like a cube but with a curved lid and then we but a layer of white felt on all sides except the lid. We did the exact step but with mylar. After the test, the ice lost 6.4g (grams).

For the redesign, it was more of an add on, we cut more white felt and leftover mylar and reglued some pieces that came of. We stuck with our original plan because it worked really well. The second test was much better! The ice only lost 3.8g!

Between the two designs, the second one was much better. We glued more layers of felt and mylar and it improved from 6.4g to 3.8. This design helped me learn how heat can transfer and how each material has a different effect from the light/heat. I enjoyed this project and I am excited for the next Unit.