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Drama: Recreating Art

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Describe your project.

I titled this project Recreating Art because that’s exactly what it is. It is me recreating famous pieces of art, most of them still lifes, with a couple of portraits thrown in the mix. The thing that took the most time for most of these paintings is setting up. For example, in Lady With an Ermine (my first recreation), it took probably about 20-30 minutes just to set up, and get the clothes, and necklace etc.

What did you learn from this process?

Something that I learned from this project was that you can wear a costume and become someone or something else. I also learned that one thing that you can never escape though, is that you are still you. Once you take the costume off and come back to reality, your life comes flooding back. It always will, no matter how hard to try to keep it at bay.

What can you still improve in the final product?

I think something that I can still improve on is making more portraits, instead of having so many still lifes. Most of the portraits I found were very fancy and had clothes and accessories that I don’t have. I think that I could also improve on being more daring, because I feel like I didn’t venture out very far into the portrait world. I feel like I could have gone deeper with that.

What are you proud about?

I’m proud of the entire thing overall, but I think I’m most proud of either Girl With a Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer) or Bible Still Life (Vincent van Gogh). I’m most proud of Girl With a Pearl Earring because it took a lot (and I’m talking about 30-40) takes to get it right. I think that it turned out great, even though it’s not perfect. For Bible Still Life, I’m most proud of this one because it’s probably the closest to the original out of all of them that I’ve made.

Boombox Reflections

The hardest thing for me during this project was probably the measuring. It took a lot of time to do, and frustrated me a bit. It helped to bring it into Affinity and figure out the measurements there.

The thing that I’m most proud of is probably the chip. I realized once I started fitting it to glue it together that my chip and my speaker would be in different places, and the cord for the battery and speaker wouldn’t reach the chip. I fixed this by flipping the back around, and cutting out four pieces of 4 cm long wood, and hot gluing them to the top piece of the boombox.

The most important decision that I made during this process was deciding to spray paint silver. This makes it look more complete, and also makes it look more retro.

The first song that I listened to on it was Back In Black by ACDC. This seemed to fit it’s aesthetic overall, and was probably the oldest song I have on my playlist, as well as being the most retro.

Bluetooth Speaker Justifications

  1. Design choice – I chose to make a boombox because I wanted to challenge myself to make a boombox. I also really like the retro aesthetic.
  2. Color – I chose to make this boombox silver because it looks realistic.
  3. Buttons and engravings – I chose to do these engravings because the picture I based it off of had two lines going down the middle and something that looked like a cassette player in the middle. I chose not to do the cassette player because I felt that it would be to complicated. I chose to do the buttons because it is realistic.
  4. Engraved speaker, not a real one – I chose to have the one side of the speaker engraved because it would not be practical to have two speakers in one boombox.
  5. Vents – I chose to have vents on the back of my boombox because I looked up pictures of old school boomboxes, and they have vents on the back to keep the boombox from overheating. The vents on mine are purely decorative, but they help not to have a blank back.
  6. Chip on top – I chose to have the chip on the top because I realized when I was gluing it, that my original plan to have the chip on the bottom left would not work, because I chose to cut out the wrong speaker hole. It ended up being okay though, because I decided to flip the back piece around to have the chip on top.


This is the front view of the boombox.

This is the left side of the boombox.

This is the right side of the boombox.

This is the back of the boombox. The charging port is in the top right.

The Chip Puller Together Reflections

My biggest success was making the straw hinge door, and adding the velcro that keeps it together.

Something I could do better is making a better handle for the top. This current handle isn’t very steady, and it’s bent in the middle. Something else I could do is make the cardboard lines more defined.

My biggest obstacle was coming up with the design for the Chip Puller Together because I tried a lot of different designs before I finally settled on one.

Overall, I think my design was not a success because it’s just a box.

Chip Puller Together (CPT) front view

CPT top view

CPT back view

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