The hardest thing for me during this project was probably the measuring. It took a lot of time to do, and frustrated me a bit. It helped to bring it into Affinity and figure out the measurements there.

The thing that I’m most proud of is probably the chip. I realized once I started fitting it to glue it together that my chip and my speaker would be in different places, and the cord for the battery and speaker wouldn’t reach the chip. I fixed this by flipping the back around, and cutting out four pieces of 4 cm long wood, and hot gluing them to the top piece of the boombox.

The most important decision that I made during this process was deciding to spray paint silver. This makes it look more complete, and also makes it look more retro.

The first song that I listened to on it was Back In Black by ACDC. This seemed to fit it’s aesthetic overall, and was probably the oldest song I have on my playlist, as well as being the most retro.