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A “Froggy” Cardboard Arcade :)

This is my cardboard arcade project. We were all not very agreeable on this project, but we worked together and got it finished. This project was supposed to be a Cookie Monster, but then we didn’t have enough time to add the details and….. It turned out to be a frog.

The hardest part of making the frog was making the chute where the ball comes out. We forgot to cut the hole on the side of the cardboard before we stuck it on. Milly had to cut it after it was glued on. We managed to make the chute, but I still agree that it caused us a lot of trouble. There was a little bump at the connecting part of the chute and the cardboard, which sometimes stopped the ball from coming down the chute.

I think my biggest success is the little track for the ball to roll down. I made most of it, and I think it was really a success for me because it works really well.

Some advice to give a future student is that him/her should NEVER bring a snack or drink in here, but water is ok. Work well with your partners and compromise! Make sure you work hard in design!

Insulator Blog

Hello! This is my blog for the Cup Insulator! Enjoy!

What was the hardest thing about this project?


To be honest, I sorta got sick and missed class, so I only worked with my group for one class. The hardest thing about this design challenge is to find the correct materials to make it work. Sometimes you pick the wrong thing and your project crashes, other times if you pick the right materials, your project succeeds.


What are new skills you learned in this project?


I guess I didn’t gain any new skills, but I would recommend using a cap for the mug, our group didn’t use one and it didn’t really turn out to be great.






We were trying to make an insulator for the mugs to keep the water warm. First, we made a draft describing the things we need for the challenge. Then we worked together and discussed about some materials we’ll need. A statement of truth is that foam actually helps the mug stay warm, and we agreed on using it, so that’s one thing. (By the way I already provided evidence for my claim so I’m not going to write a sentence for that). My reasoning is that because the foam kept the mug warm, our project sort of succeeded. Later we found out that we should have added a cap for our insulator. I’m proud of that our project actually succeeded. Something I would do differently is to add a cap for our insulator. The hardest thing about this project is to actually make it work. For example, some insulators didn’t turn out to be useful. Like I said earlier, I wasn’t here, so I didn’t actually know the limitations to this project.

Mixed Feelings.

Here is my poem for humanities.

My Poem

Hello, I’m Connie, this is my name story. Enjoy.






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