"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein


Well, this is my amazing but super fragile cardboard design...!


You can see there are many colorful coca-cola straws sticking on a piece of cardboard, which is
about the size of a phone, it's easy to hold with both of your hands, I bet it is even lighter than 
your pen. I designed the patterns and lines and paths.
You'll need a little smooth ball to play this game:

The rule is to roll this ball from the START to the END by holding the design in your hands and shift in all
directions and following the path in the same time. Try not to use your fingers! You can cheat in this game, 
such as rolling the ball into a straw to get through an obstacle easily, since straws are hollow!
This is the bottom of the design:

You must notice that there are two stripes of cardboard sticking on the side, they will make holding on to
the sharp piece of cardboard to be more comfortable, you can hold your hands on it when you are playing.
I thought it would be very easy to make this design, but I was totally wrong, the most challenging part is 
to keep the plastic straws stable on the cardboard, you know plastics don't stick well... right? Some of the
straws had fell of for several times after I used some glue......

If I have the chance to recreate this design, I would like to stick the straws in an empty box, so the ball 
won't roll out and it will be more comfortable to hold on.

All right, that's how my fabulous design worked! If you, dear reader, have any suggestions or questions, just
send an e-mail to me.

**Le Noël**

“God rest ye merry, gentlemen...... Let nothing you dismay...... Remember Christ, our saviour was born on Christmas day...... To save us all from Satan’s power when we were gone astray...... Oh, tidings of comfort and joy...... Comfort and joy...... Oh tidings of comfort and joy......” the carol halted, we went silent as our teacher snapped her fingers.

I was peeking directly at Karry, who was still singing alone and carefree, not noticing kids who curiously darted their glimmering eyes to him.

“Hush, Karry, halt it. I know it’s beautiful.” the teacher gave Karry a serious look and he ceased, seeming to be startled.

“I’m sorry.” Karry apologized and lowered his head, some kids giggled at him.

The teacher turned to face us, “Well done, kids. I think you guys are ready to present it in front of all the kindergarten kids and their parents tomorrow in the big theater!”, she said, we all signed, feeling dull.

Actually, I didn’t even really understand what the lyrics wanted to tell, it was a bit weird for kindergarteners, I bet.

BTW, Karry couldn’t understand them either!

“Ah, come on! It’s almost Christmas! Aren’t ye guys excited about your gifts from Santa?” she said, breaking the boredom, the kids shook their head.

“Nah, I don’t believe in Santa, he is made up, unless someone is dressing like him.” I replied to the teacher, it reminded me of one Christmas Eve I was staying up till midnight to see if Santa was visiting our house.

“Gosh! How come you kiddos think Christmas is boring!” our teacher gasped.

“However, I’m not having any present this year, Mum said I’m gonna be a grown up.” Karry chirped in our conversation, our teacher seemed to be more shocked, I widened my eyes.

“DING-DING-DING!!!”, and that was the bell for the-end-of-this-class.

“Ok, guys, class is officially over, let’s get goin! See ye! And don’t forget to bring your lyrics unless you’re super confident.” our teacher shouted, since our class signed up for presenting the carol, kids suddenly rushed out like a bunch of crazy bees.

“Oh yeah, Karry, are you going to join the Christmas Party tomorrow?” I stopped him and asked him excitedly.

“Umm, maybe, just maybe, but mostly not, I bet... I have an important swimming competition in Tianjin......” he told me deeply.

My heart sank, and I walked away with a sad smile hanging on my gloomy face.

I had a feeling that Karry wouldn’t be able to come and he was just trying to make me feel better.


       It happened as I thought, out of any hope or possibilities...

Bright stage lights hitting directly on our face, I squinted and looked around, no sight of Karry...

I swallowed, the second time feeling really nervous without him. ‘Maybe he thought his big, big swimming competition was more important than me!’, I thought.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our Christmas Show!!!” the host yelled and clapped, the entire audience was cheering excitedly.

“Tonight, which is Christmas, our dearest, cutest kindergartners are going to perform their prepared carols, dances, and dramas!” the host howling like a madman, more clapping and stomping echoed in the theater.

I peeked through the dark curtain, bright stage lights pinning my eyes, I saw my both parents waving at me.

“Now, everyone! Let’s listen to our cutest kidos chanting the “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”!” the host smiled and went down the stairs, the audiences becoming happy freaks.

Right then, bright stage lights hit directly on my face, I squinted and looked around, no sign of Karry...

I swallowed, suddenly feeling really nervous without him. ‘Maybe he thought his big, big swimming competition was more important than me!’, I thought, shaking my head, trying to hide my tears.

When I finally opened my eyes, the rest of the kids were already singing, so I joined in, but I suddenly realized I forgot the lyrics!

“God rest ye merry......uhm...hmmhmmhmm. Remember our saviour? ...was born on...whatwhat...day......TO save us all from...

blabla’s...power...” I stopped, a few kids frowning at me, some even giggling, I felt embarrassed, even more humiliated in front of cameras and people.

       I waited till the carol stopped, we bowed then left......

       That was my worst singing moment ever!


       After the show, all the kids went into the giant party room, eating cane shape candies and running around, knocking off Christmas trees. 

I just sat there, on an empty couch, reading the picture book version of “Hamlet”. I signed every time I peeked at the happy kids, jealous because they still had friends to play with.

       “Hey, Daisy, are you ok?” a sub walked up to me and asked nervously, “Aren’t you going to play with them?”

       “Nah, I prefer to stay by myself.” I answered absently, the sub seemed to know my true feeling.

       “I bet you missed Karry, right? Let’s call him.” the nice sub took out her iPhone and called him, my eyes suddenly glittering with hope, I dropped the heavy picture book and my eyes darted onto the screen.

       “Hi! OMG, DAISY?! I missed you so much! Guess what? I won the first place!!! I’m on the train now!” Karry’s voice echoing, I freaked out and screamed.

       “Wow, congratulations, très-bien, Karry! I thought you were coming back after winter break...Good to see you!” I whispered, trying to hide my happiness.

       “I remember the party ends at 11:00pm, and now is 8:37, but I think I can’t come and see you today......” Karry sounded deeply and sad, “My Mum’s phone is almost out of battery! Bye! Au revoir, Daisy!” then he hung up.

       “Bye.” I tried to give a smile to the sub, and I went out.

       I saw a line of kids waiting for presents given by teachers, so I joined in.

       “Hi sweetie, what gift do you want?” another asked me kindly.

       “Can I have a greeting card and two stuffed animals? Because I’m keeping one for my friend.” I whispered to her, to make sure no one else could hear it.

       The sub nodded nicely, I received a stuffed snake for myself and a stuffed squirrel for Karry; I also wrote a long message on the greeting card and left it on his desk.

Well, this was the last Christmas I had with him, I missed Karry.

       Pause right here, reader, actually I just wanna share with you a true, short, but heartwarming friendship between Karry and I.

       Do you have best friend(s)? If yes, are you willing to tell me a bit about him/her/them?







Superduper Thermos

  Hi there! 
  These photos attached are Daisy.Z and Eva.Y's project. 
  Our task was to design a tool that can keep water warm.
  This is a thermos cover that keeps the water inside a muck warm. 
  We're proud of we didn't mess up everything and did a satisfied work.  
  However, the most challenging section in this experiment was to make those
foams and plastic wraps attach on the muck.
  We actually wasted a bunch of hot glue just for attaching it.
  We learned how to work as a TEAM.
  We really wanted to seal our thermos cover tighter, but there weren't
enough materials to improve it appropriately.
  As you can see, there're some black patches for decorations we did.
  Thanks for reading!

Where I’m From



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