So in Design for 6 grade I made an arcade game for 4 graders. My team was Felix and Ethan and we made a game when you will shoot a ball into baskets.


My biggest obstacle was to get the kids to enjoy playing the game and to tell them what to do. It was also hard to get them to play the game softly and when they did not play it softly it di get harder for them. They did not like the game because they did not play it softly and that makes it harder.


Something I’d like to change is the way you play the game to get it to be a little bit more like an optical course to roll the ball and not use the tool. I think it will get more fun if you do that chance. I like how it is built but you should put down the hopes a little bit.




Overall, I think this product was successful because when the kids played the games and played it softly it went good and I enjoyed watching them having fun, and in the beginning, no one came to the game we have been working on but when the first kid came it started to come more and it was this one girl how really like it and played it for about 10 min and she got about 20 points and it looks like she really enjoyed playing