For my 6th grade design class, my partner, Mika Kamiya, and I created a foosball game made of cardboard. We spent about four classes  on it. 🙂

One skill I learned while making this game was how to handle certain tools in the design lab. For example, I learned how to properly handle a cutting knife. Another skill I improved on was cooperation. Mika and I made this game together, and we had to work hard and split the work among the two of us.

Our biggest obstacle was the measuring part. This is because for the foosball game to work, the figures in the box had to be able to spin. It was really hard to make all of the figures the exact same size. Also, the ball we were using, which was a ping pong ball, had to be able to fit through the goals. The two goals on either side of the box had to be the same size too.

One thing I would like to change is the skewers connecting the figures and making them spin. The skewers are too fragile, and they have broken a couple of times when we were making the game, resulting a huge amount of hot glue. If I were to make this again, I would use a thicker and more sturdy stick instead.

Overall, I think our game was a success. The skewers turned, and the ball fit through the goals. It was like the actual foosball game,. but only a bit smaller.