By Ella

The lake is frozen, a boy is standing in a little corning of the lake. There is a gray colored rock that is big enough I can stand on, that boy stands on the rock and lifted his right foot above the ice. He stood for a second and he stepped on the ice, unfortunately the ice in the corner wasn’t thick enough. “Splash!” The ice braked, and the boys’ foot also felled in the freezing cold water.


I know it’s not safe and not fun at all to fall in the lake, but I just can’t stay calm! I laughed; I was so surprised that someone would fall in the lake! I never saw anything like that, but the boy looked calm and he walked back from the corner, he didn’t cry or go home, he just keeps standing there and doesn’t want me to see him. I saw boys running toward the lake, they seem to be excited, they were all standing in the middle of the lake. I’m not going to the middle, definitely not going, we might fall in the water together, and I don’t want that happening.


I went to the side of the lake, and found a big wooden stick, I picked it up with my gloves. I poked the ice slowly with the long stick, I feel the ice very hard that by using the stick it won’t break. I stepped down, more and more, I can’t hear anything at that time, the laughter behind me, the gasping, the wind blowing, I can’t even feel the cold. I suddenly felt my foot is moving, I’m sure I didn’t move, I felt my whole body is falling toward the ice.  Oh crap, I thought. I moved my left foot up, trying to stand but after picking up my leg, my other foot slide down.  I grabbed on the rock but too late, my foot is already in the cold water, ice floating around my leg, oh no. The iced cracked, it’s cold and wet, my socks suffocating my feet, my pants are wet and dirty, leaf and small wood stick sticking on my pants. I looked around checking if any of the boys saw me, yep, they all saw me, everyone watching at me. I wish I can just turn into a pile of water in the lake, so that way no one with care or see me. My cheek turns red I yell: “MOM!” In one second she yelled back “I saw it!” I took my right foot out of the cold water, it’s all wet. I was wearing a bright pink pants that day, and my pants was brown and disgusting dirty when I was out of the water. I looked at myself “This isn’t me, right?” I asked my mom with a nice big smile I can make at this time, “This is you, now run home!” My mom thinks I’m joking, ok, I guess I have to face the truth. I ran through the street, the rode” Oh god, this is cold!” I said to myself. The wind is blowing on my leg and face, I feel like it’s cold enough my shoe will freeze.


When I’m home, I took of my socks of, I ran in the shower and turn on the water. My feet are swollen, my feet are white in the middle and red on the outline, it doesn’t hurt but it looks creepy.  After my feet is worm, I changed into my pajamas and lie on my bed” That was embarrass” I thought to myself.


The next week Monday, after school I ran to the lake again, not to fall in again, it’s to watch the boys. The boys were running on the lake like it’s safe, but soon a boy was yelling from the rock I slipped on last time: “Do you guys believe I can run from here to there?!”  He must be crazy! Doesn’t he know I fell in there last time? The ice isn’t thick enough to stand on, how do you think you can run on it!? But I don’t think he’s going to listen if I tell him, his friend is already yelling: “Do it! Do it! Do it!”  So, I saw he jumped down, he stepped his left foot “CRACK!” His foot is in the ice, but because he was moving very fast, he can’t stop right now, his right foot stepped in too.  His picked his left foot up and wanted to move forward again, but in some way his right foot didn’t move, he slipped on the ice “Crack! Crack! Shhhhhhhh!” That must hurt a lot I thought, but I laughed out loud. “HAHAHAHA!” I was laughing so hard that I can barely breath, the boy’s friends laughed with me too. I know it’s really funny, but thinking of when I was wet and cold, I’m sorry Rxx.


In Tuesday morning walking to school, I heard two girls laughing together, I didn’t want to, but I heard what they were saying

“HAHA, you were so funny!”

“Ha-ha… But my pants are wet…”

“Do not, ever jump into the lake anymore! HAHAHA”

“I’m fine.” I know she’s not fine, and I know how she feel right now, cold and friends laughing. I won’t laugh or make fun of a person anymore, I knew how it feel and how will I feel, I learned from the lake disaster.