Cardboard arcade claw machine

The biggest success we had is to make the machine really stable and strong.

My biggest obstacle was glueing and taping everything together.

The skill that I developed most was working with the knife and making cutting easier for me.

One thing I’d like to change is the claw part to make another back up part (if we had enough time) because the claw was really unstable and easy to break.

If I done this thing again one thing I would change is the design of the claw to make it more stable we could make it one side 2 strings so it’s less easier to break.

One advice I would give the future students is to make multiple parts that is easy to break.

overall I think this project is successful because the 4th graders liked the game and it haven’t break.

overall I think this project is unsuccessful is that the claw is falling apart now.

cup jacket

we are making a jacket for a cup because that it’s getting colder in beijing and teachers are drinking warm water tea or coffee and the cup can’t make the temperature of the liquid in the cup to stay warm. First me and my teammates drew a plan for the cup jacket then we did a paper prototype then we started to make the real thing. I think that me and my teammates did a pretty good job because the temperature didn’t go up that high and didn’t go lower. Next time I would’ve not use that much hot glue because the hot glue melted when we did the test.

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