"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

My cardboard arcade design:

In this game, it involves using a popsicle-stick catapult to shoot small balls in three hoops, thus earning points.

Answering questions:

my biggest success was:

As it turned out, our game was well designed, challenging, fun, and competitive. Many kids wanted to play our game, also, our game was crafted easily, with not many parts to repair.

My biggest obstacle is:

our game involved a catapult, but soon into it, some of the rubber band structures inside began to suffer from fatigue from too frequent shooting. The plastic bottle cap sometimes break, causing time delay.

One skill I learn/developed is:

When sticking tabs to my design cardboard, put the hot glue line as straight as possible on the cardboard, unless you want to get messy and burn yourself.

Heat transfer reflection

Problem: create a mug cover that insulates it to keep it hot


I first think what expectations a insulating cup must have, (define)

I then design a mug cover using the plan but still being a flexible engineer. (design)

Finally, I create as planned (create)

I didn’t have time for improve but I did a reflection (improve)



Claim: My design of cup insulator works well


Evidence: The temperature fall of the no insulator is 20.9 degrees Celsius

The temperature fall of the with insulator cup is 7 degrees Celsius


Reasoning:  A. My test shows that the temperature loses less when placed in insulator

  1. Heat is an energy, adding thicker walls of felt to a mug takes a longer time for heat to travel outside because the heat conduction needs time, thicker walls takes longer time. The cap also stops the heat from escaping into air.


Respond to questions:


I am very proud of the look of this “prototype product” because we added cute decorations and minimized the use of hot glue and used light strokes of it if we need to use it anyway.


I will make the walls of thicker felt to improve heat insulation


One of the limitations to my group is the unable of use to hard plastic. It is more waterproof and will make our group’s product more durable.







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