What was the hardest thing about this project?​

The hardest thing about this project is making the perfect size circle, we cut at least 10 circles to make the right size.

What are new skills you learned in this project?​

One new skill I learnt in this project is to make a prototype(that contains details) first and then make the real project.

A. Explain the problem you were trying to solve​

The problem I was trying to solve is to keep the cup warm in the winter as long as it could be. Then we can drink hot water in the water.

B. Explain your process for solving this problem. (Write about how you used the engineering and design process)​

First I would make a paper prototype, and measure the length and width accurately. Then I would make a same shape using the EVA foam , and I added a layer of plastic wrap to keep it warmer. Then, I would make the lid out of cardboard and a tin foil. I cut to circles, a smaller one and another circle that fits the cup.The last step is to decorate it! But we don’t have enough time to finish it, so it’s not that pretty.

C. CER – To practice writing a CER I want you to make one regarding the Cup Insulator​

Claim: Our cup insulator can keep the water in the cup warm longer.

Evidence: The temperature of water after 10min.(without insulator) is 71.7 degrees Celsius. Total loss 20.9 degrees Celsius. The temperature after 10min. with our insulator on is 80.6 degrees Celsius.  Total loss is 13.1degrees Celsius.

Reasoning: The temperature without the insulator is lower than the cup with our cup insulator.

– What are you proud of?​

What I am proud of is how well our cup insulator keeps the water warm after 10 minutes.

– What would you do differently?​

Something I would do differently is to add more layers of plastic wrap to the EVA foam ad add decorations to our project.