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The Awesome Soccer Arcade design

The Awesome soccer arcade design

In this Design, my biggest success was let 4 graders enjoyed our game. The first reason is our game type is soccer, soccer is a popular game so this will make customers get interested in what is our game about, then, they will get interested what is our game about.  The second reason is our game is simple and easy to get good at it. Some of the games are very hard for some customers, so I designed and made a simple easy game. So everyone wants to take a try on it because they might think this game is not hard and they will enjoy it.

One thing I’d like to change is, I should make the shooting machine more simple and better. When 4 graders were trying the game, I found out it’s hard to control the goal machine. Even Nathan and I thought them how to control the goal machine and successfully shoot the ball out, still, 4 graders could not easily control the goal machine, they almost just shot me. So I think this is the thing that I need to change.

Skills that I learned is how to use a hot glue gun and how to cut the cardboard. Before I had design class, I didn’t know after I used the glue gun I shouldn’t just leave it on the table, I should keep it up. But now, I learned some important safety rules. The second thing was before I had a design class, I only used one way to cut the cardboard. But now I learned more than two ways to cut the cardboard.

In conclusion, I’ll give Mr.Leiman a big thank you. He thought me many things in this design class. Also to my workmate, Nathan Nathan, and I had a really good time together working on our soccer arcade.

My narrative writing

Finland Trip at Last Year of Christmas Break




I woke up slowly. I embarked on a trip to Finland with my camping team. I tried to adapt to the low temperature. Even there was a heater in my house. But still, it was very cold. Not eating breakfast was a normal thing for me. 6:10, I finally arrived at the airport, then I met my camping team, it was very special, because normally in a camping team, there should be more than 20 people. But this time, only 6 include the teacher and me.

Walking, walking and walking, my mouth didn’t talk with my groupmates, because other four groupmates, they are two girls that were younger than me and two boys that were older than me. But the good thing was the age difference was not big. The oldest boy was only older than the youngest girl, two years. So, when I was walking, I tried to find the timing to talk with them. 7:40, we were on the plane, after 9 hours, we were in the capital city of Finland: Helsinki. When we were through customs, my four groupmates just found out that I was Korean, so they started to talk with me. Shouting, laughing, talking, we were always talking to each other; Two older boys were called Les and Michael, the girls were called Erica and Alice.

We were waiting in Helsinki; we went on another plane to go to Lapland for 2hours. We set on a car for another 2 hours. It was already 9 pm, and we finally arrived at where the base called Oivanki; we were so tired. But still, Finland surprised me; it was my first time to go to North Europe. Also, the bunch of snow made me feel like I was in the movie Frozen. After we ate Dinner (Butter chicken with rice), We went to the room where we sleep, and we fell asleep. On the second day of the Tea, Mr. Panu introduced us to the camping place and showed us the Cafeteria, Gaming place, Sauna, Gym, and design center (similar to the school design center, but smaller than the school’s design center.) Then, Panu gave us the equipment to ski. The first day of skiing was tough, because everyone in our camping team nobody tried skiing, so we have two groups, Michael and I were in one team, and Erica, Alice, and Les were in one team. In the next several days, we were practicing skiing for most of the time; the interesting thing was me, Michael and our other teacher Benjamin found out some footprints, and we were. One hundred percent sure it was not an animal’s footer; Benjamin said it might be Elf’s footprints. We all laughed. At night, Benjamin would take us to the Sauna, and we had an awesome day. On the third hard day, we dissected a fish; it was yuck! Panu took out the eyeballs, poop, brain, and many things. I felt uncomfortable, so I went to the gym and played soccer myself. It was fun; I enjoyed it! Dinner time! Panu shouted the menu was Hamburger! It was the most delicious dinner that I ever ate before! After we ate dinner, we played Uno until midnight. Everyone fell asleep after we played Uno

It was the coldest day in Finland because it’s the day to meet Santa!! December 24th2019, I woke up early, I went to the toilet and brushed my tooth. Later on, my groupmates Michael and Les woke up and told me they had a bad dream; they dreamed they were in Santa’s house, but there was nobody inside; it was very dark inside. They saw a red eye staring at them. Then they woke at uaat:00 pm. After we were all ready, we went in the car, after 40 minutes of the trip, we finally arrived at Santa’s house, it seems like Santa’s house was the brightest star in the dark. When we came down from the car, 3 Elves were waiting for us; I don’t know if they were real or not, they were tall. But the weird thing was each Elf could speak six languages, Spanish, English, Finnish, Italian, French, and Mexican. We used a translator, and it’s true they can speak six languages! Because Santa sometimes need to prepare! So, we played sled on a 2m high hill. It was so fun, and I enjoyed it! Then, we went to a little house that looks like a log. We smelled delicious food, sausage! We ate sausage with ketchup and mustard, and it was one of the best feelings in the world, cold air with hot sausage! After we ate sausage, Santa was finally prepared, and we went inside. It was warm inside, and the king of special feeling inside, only in Santa’s house, I guess it’s Magic. I asked, where was Santa from? He answered he was from the north pole. He was supposed to live there, but because of several reasons include global warming, so he moved to Finland. After this, we made a vanilla cookie with white chocolate. After waiting for 20 minutes, we finally finished baking cookies. We shared the cookies with elves and Santa’s wife. But I couldn’t find Santa; I guess he went to prepare the presents for children in the whole world.

December 27th, 7:00, after breakfast, we had a wild snow walk until 10 am, we were so tired and hungry, but there were not any foods in the cafeteria, so our teacher decided to bring us to the closest shop between our camping space. It was 5 km away from the caping case so; we walked for a long time; when we walked to the shop, it was already dark in Finland. In the shop I bought the Mozzarella Hot dog, it was good. The most special thing was the melting cheese was incredibly special and awesome!

On the last day in Finland morning, we packed our things and get ready to go back to China. There were the last two activities we’ll do that day. First, one of the most exciting activities that we wanted to do, climbing chairs, was the activities that we set on a chair and build it up and up. I did the tallest! 18 chairs! I got Mvp, shouting, shouting, shouting! I got the metal! The building, and building, our last activity was building a house for birds. The teacher Panu asked us what our personality w, then He let us draw or write it down on the Birdhouse. Then we had a small ceremony, we put the Birdhouse the tree, and we took a picture. Smile! The teacher said. It was time to leave, almost everyone cried, except me; when I think it over again, I felt I don’t have any emotions.

In the end, I concluded my trip; it was like a fantasy trip, with many difficulties, many happiness, and sadness. I think the funny part was the moment that I jumped into the snow naked at night! It was freezing, and only Benjamin, Les and Michael were there. They all laughed and ran away; they were scared if Ben just pulled them into the snow.



ISB Grade 6 cup insulator challenge.

The process of making the model

In first step, we wrote the plan and what materials we are going to use.

In second step, we used paper to make a model for test and ensure that the shape that we designed works.

In step 3, we got actual materials that we need for this project.

We found out that ribbon was not going to keep heat in,  o we switched the material from ribbon to tin foil.

Step 5 we started to measure the temp.


What I have learned  from the project :

I learned we can’t get a good result from first time, this project shows we didn’t do the project well because the temp got way more lower that we thought. So when we are doing this kind of project, we need several times to try and find our problems and fix it.



Time.     Temp [ celsius ]

0               89.6

1.              89.6

2.              85.9

3.              83.0

4.              81.2

5.              79.5

6.              77.8

7.              76.2

8.              74.7

9.              73.4

10.           71.9

TOTAL LOSS :  17.7 Degrees Celsius

What was the hardest thing about this project ?

I think the hardest part of this project is we need to try several times to make a good model, but we only have once, so it’s kind of hard for me and Keson.

What are some limitations you and your partner had ?

There are no diverse materials. So we are making the project with passive. Second thing is we need more time to do the project. We only have 3 classes to do the  project, so I wonder that we need more time.


In conclusion, it was a very interesting project and experience that I had in quarter 1, So I wish we can have more activities like this!


Grade 6 Science / Design

These are two photos of my cup insulator Model:

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