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Cardboard game

The two picture above are a cardboard game that I worked a long time to finish it with Christina. It’s basically a game that you bounce the ball into the holes and you get the point on the things. My biggest success was the cardboard on top of the game because as you can see it’s formed by a lot of cardboard so it’s not that firm, but it actually formed out pretty good (at least it won’t fell off) One thing I’d like to change is that the fence of the cardboard game is pretty low then the ball can get out easily and it’s pretty boring and hard to get the ball. One thing I learned in this unit is that when I did this game with Christina we had a lot of argument with it like what the points will be and …  Then we found out a solution which is maybe find a thing that’s in the middle of two of us own opinion. For example, I say that for on hole the points can be 5 and Christina say it can be 7 then we argue, then we find a way that we’re both okay about it. So maybe the points for the hole can be six which is a number in the middle of two of us thinking.


School bullies

School bullies

SCI-Cup insulator Halloween cup temperature insulator

For this program we try to solve the problem that how do we keep the hot heat with the drinks so it won’t cool down when I drink it. We first draw a prototype on the sheet then we list our what we’re using for the insulator.  Then cut our prototype and we start to build our prototype. We cut of some foil paper and some cotton, and we put cotton in to the foil paper. Then fold it, we use Fabric to keep foil paper and cotton inside. We just use a foil paper for the cap.  The temperature keep going lower. Our baseline temperature is 91.1º and the temperature after 5 min is 84.4.º and the temperature of 10 min is 78.9º and the temperature loss 12.2 º. A specific temperature can’t keep the temperature for like exactly the temperature like 5 min later.  Temperature will lost when time goes.I’m proud of how many  temperature we kept using our own cup insulator.  When we’re testing our project like we keep messing up. First a friend came and said we’re doing it wrong and she helped us to change it so the second time cause we changed the limit of the time we’re testing so it only tested 180 second. But the second time it went well.


Where I am From

Where I‘m from

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