Cardboard Arcade Game (table soccer)

In my design class, we did Cardboard Arcade project. My partner was Ruby. We chose a game called table soccer. Table soccer is really similar to soccer game that people normally do. But the difference is that it is small and the people and only move side and kick.

The biggest obstacle is the space between two soccer players. Since we made the court first, it was hard to have 6 teams in the small court. If we have only little space between two people, they will bump each other and make the players break. That we think about that the 4th grade students came and it really happened. So for the next time if I do this project again I will change the size of the court that don’t make the people bump each other.

The thing I learn and developed were the sketching. So at first we drew a sketch that is kind of complicated and the final sketch we have was 3D and the sketching was clear that many people can understand and our sketching also have a lot of details that we have now.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project would be to make the sketching specific and with a lao of details in it. Since I had tried this project I realized that the sketching is really important part.

Overall, I think the project was successful because the idea we had was good and we cooperated together even in hard situation.We was in different country and we had to connect, that was difficult thing for me. I like the idea we have, because other group didn’t have the kind of idea we had and I believe that soccer is popular sport in many country that boys and girls can join. I main reason I felt successful was that the praise from 4th grade students. Many students said that the game is fun and that kind of things made me really happy.


I really like this project that made me want to do it again.


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