HJB Silver cup ( Cup insulator )

HJB Silver cup

Grade 6, Science, Design, Engineering​

– What was the hardest thing about this project? ​= Since we didn’t have long time to work on the planning part, our planning was not really specific, and we had a lot of changes in our project. When we made changes to our cup insulator, it was hard to make the other pieces because as we changed one of them, we got to change the other part we have to make.

– What are new skills you learned in this project? ​ = I learned what materials is good for keeping the energy (tempeture) also how to keep a tempeture of hot water in 10 min. There was a lot of difference between the cup without the insulator and with the insulator. When there was no cup insulator, the tempeture decreased 20.9 °C in 10 min. When there was a cup insulator the tempeture decreased only 10.8 °C, which is a lot different from the one without the insulator. I realized that there are many ways to save the energy.


When we put the first layer to it, the second layer have to be bigger because the size of the cup got bigger as we put the layers.

We solved the problem by making the part after we stick to the first layer and measure the size again, so we don’t waste the materials. At first, we were making those part at the same time but as that did not work, we changed our plan to make each part separate.

C – The cup insulator helps the cup to keep the tempeture of the cup for a period of the time.

E – The cup without the insulator had lost 20.9 °C in 10 minutes, and the cup with the insulator had lost only 10.8 °C.

R – Because when we put the cup insulator, there is less place for the hot air to go out and also there is less space for the cold water to come in.

– What are you proud of? ​ I am proud that we keep the hot water for a long period of time.

– What would you do differently? ​ I would make my design planning clearer and more specific so next time, there won’t be many problems we have to fix during the making part.

– What are some limitations your group experienced in this design challenge? I think the biggest limitation was time, as we did not have enough time to remake, I believe that next time when we have more time to work on, so our insulator would get better and better.

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