The Prank

The prank

Snow. Big white pieces were falling out of the sky, in the most heavily way I could ever imagine it to be. Instantly, I see my mom’s car be buried by a mountain of snow. Listen, I hear squeaks of Christmas carols as if they were playing them outside. Walking downstairs I see the tiny Christmas star shining above the Christmas tree, I look to see if any gifts were placed down early before Christmas and yes, yes there was.

I look under the shining tree with LED lights strapped all over the tree, I pick up the Christmas present which was wrapped nicely with a llama wrapping paper, on top of that was a small ribbon my mom and I made before Christmas.

From: George

To: Isla

I look at the present, slowly my hands decide to pick it up, I give it a big shake and then knock on it. Rectangle, the box was the shape of a rectangle form, I sit on the cold hard floor in the basement just quietly thinking what surprise is waiting for me to open up after Santa comes.

My brain was too excited about the present, I tear a little piece of tape off the wrapping and slowly without realizing it, a small iPhone sign appeared on the box. Printed, I look,

“This can’t be!” I whisper to myself trying not to get caught snooping presents.

Suddenly I hear running from upstairs, I quickly look over, phew, it’s just my dog playing with her furry little bunny that’s head was soon-to-be bitten off.

Please don’t make this a lie, I said to myself, anxious for Christmas. Better get going, I don’t want to get caught snooping on presents before because this was my first time ever snooping on something and lying isn’t a very good idea to do when you’re a beginner. Slowly, I walk upstairs tipped toed so I don’t make creaking sounds but my dog isn’t helping at all, what she’s doing is stomping on the stairs so it’s super loud. Thankfully, my mom and dad didn’t hear us.

Here, finally I fall on my pink fluffy bed, all the air releases with a loud whizzing sound. I lay down on my bed, thinking. What will I have for Christmas? Is it a phone? Yes a phone. I thought because downstairs I already saw the iPhone sign. I take what I use every Christmas, my secret weapon, a fortune teller. I write 4 papers: iPhone, iPad, Hoodies, Dog. I randomly pick one out of the fortune teller, it was actually just a hat but I use it every Christmas to determine my gift, it was never wrong. This can’t be! I thought, as I look very closely at the paper that said, iPhone. I sit in disbelief, no, no, no.

The morning came, my dad however, was busy playing very LOUD Christmas carols, I got dressed as fast as I could and ran downstairs. Swish. I could almost hear the sound of the wind passing me, I run to the Christmas tree and search for my Christmas present. Searching as if searching for my lost dog, at last, I find it! But this time, the present looked slightly different than before. It’s fine, it’s probably just the angle im seeing it in right now. I think in my head trying not to burst to stress. Back, I slowly tear off the wrapping paper for my present and again, I see the iPhone sign. But this time I tried to act surprised like I’ve never ever seen it before, that’s mainly because my mom and dad were by me. I keep acting surprised,

“OMG, mom dad I can’t believe this!” I shout.

Then after I open the iPhone box, I see this white letter-formed paper that wrote,

“you’ve been tricked haha! You get one free snowboard for daddy and a snowboard shoe from mom.”

I looked to my right, which was where my dad was standing and he was laughing so hard he was chocking on water, I guess this was the day I found out that my dad can sometimes

Evil Pumpkin (Cup Insulator)

1. The problem we were trying to solve is so that when we are drinking something hot, we can keep it warm for a long period of time.

2. So we first made a model and then we asked questions if the model or the “object” was going to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and also how easy it is to take off. then, we made our paper prototype which was supposed to look exactly the same as our final project (which it did).

3. we noticed that when my partner and I looked at the graph for the temperature probe, it looked like at the start of the process, it really made the temperature decrease really fast but then, towards the end, it was starting to balance out a little more. That is because when you look at our graph, it says at 4 minutes, the total loss was around 3 degrees. Also, when you look at our graph sometimes it says that it jumped back onto 81 but before it was 79, I think that is maybe because it was not really measured properly. I think that the reason why the temperature jumped back up is that, maybe for that minute, the temperature probe was touching the glass so the temperature was not very high.

4. I am proud that my paper prototype and my final project for the cup insulator was something similar so it didn’t look like that the paper prototype and my project looked very similar.

5. something I would do differently is that maybe instead of putting loads of masking tape, I can have put some foil inside the masking tape so then it would be a thicker base and it would make it keep warmer.

6. The hardest thing about the project was that to think of what the aesthetics would look like and thinking of how the fabric could keep warm for a long time.

Where I’m From

Where I’m From Isla

I am from friends and family
From playdates and sports
I am from the warm and welcoming
Nice, funny, laughing
I am from sunflowers
Visiting beautiful landmarks too
I’m from Ice cream and BBQ
From Barbie-and runs to me when I come home
And George-playing the rubix cube with me
I’m from the graveyard sweeping
and smores every year
from go to sleep
I’m from Taiwan
Tangy, crispy chicken and melted marshmallows
From the Three Little Pigs,
And the Eiffel Tower
Creating new memories each day

My dog🐩

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