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Spiderman Shooter Cardboard Arcade Design

My biggest success in the making of this cardboard arcade design was the shooting hole. I had to score it, then fold it, then glue it together. Then we made the bottom. It took a while but it was worth it in the end! My biggest obstacle was the shooter. We realized that the goalie had a bigger advantage, so we made the shooter be able to move around a part of the arcade. We made sure that it did not pass the line that we drew so that then the shooter wouldn’t have an advantage. Skills that I learned are scoring, short cuts, finding easier ways to make things. The scoring helped because it made my cuts a lot cleaner, and easer. One thing I’d like to change is the size of the game. I feel like it’s too small and it’s harder for people to play that way. One concern that was shared with me was that the shooter had an advantage, because if you tilted the shooter up high the goalie couldn’t stop it. If I did this again, one thing I’d do differently would be making it bigger and making the goalie a little bigger. One piece of advice I would give to a future student would be stay on task and work hard, you don’t have all of the time you might need. Overall I think this product was successful because it is possible to shoot and you can have lots of fun playing it.

Science Blog

A. We were trying to keep hot water in a mug stay hot for as long as possible.

B. The first time we tested our design the lid was letting a lot of air into the cup, then we tested it a second time and we also made a lid that covered more of the top of the cup.

C. C- We learned that when your lid for your cup covers the whole top it works a lot better.

E- The first time we tested our cup warmer it was at 75.8 and then the second time we did it when we had a better lid it was 81.6.

R- This happened because the first time we tested it our lid wasn’t so good, but we upgraded our lid to cover almost the entire top of the mug so that not as much air got into the mug.


-I’m proud that our test the second time was a lot better than the first one.

-If I could do something differently it would be to have a more secure lid for the mug.

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