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If it Weren’t Because of Her

I was stuck in gym 3 with some swimmers after my first event. It was really quiet in the gym because most of the swimmers were swimming their events and I got bored since there was nothing to do in the gym. I didn’t know where Carina went, and I had to wait for my next event that was probably 100 years later. Then, I saw coach Ariel walking around in the gym trying to find someone.  

‚Äúwhen is my next event?‚Ä̬†I¬†went¬†and¬†asked her.¬†

‚Äújust sit and wait, I’ll call you later.‚ÄĚ she replied.¬†

She was right about to¬†walk away when she turned around¬†and said:¬†‚ÄúDaisy,¬†why don‚Äôt you swim for the¬†12th¬†grader‚Äôs medley¬†relay. One of them¬†didn‚Äôt come¬†and we couldn‚Äôt find her.‚Ä̬†

When I heard that I was shocked and, in my head, I was thinking NONONONONONONO WHY ME! I was confused as in why she would replace a 12th grader with a third grader since 12th grader’s speeds are way faster than me.  

Head shaking, mind racing,¬†‚ÄúNaaah.‚ÄĚ I said to her.¬†

‚ÄúWhy not?¬†You have nothing to do right now.¬†Quickly¬†get¬†ready.‚ÄĚ she said.¬†

I hesitated for a long time but clearly, I couldn’t¬†say no since she already said I was going to do it¬†and she really needed my help¬†so,¬†I got my goggles, took off my¬†jacket,¬†and went to the place where the¬†12th¬†graders¬†in their¬†relay team¬†waited¬†and¬†I¬†also¬†waited¬†there…¬†not knowing what to do.¬†There were a group of girls¬†who¬†were blabbing about the¬†person that¬†did not¬†come¬†to the swim¬†meet,¬†so I¬†knew that those were the people I was going to swim for.¬†When I waited there, there were many people standing there chatting¬†even if they weren‚Äôt going to swim,¬†and one of the¬†people that were chatting¬†suddenly¬†pat my head¬†from behind because she wanted to see who was going to swim for the 12th¬†graders and then I turned around and she¬†gave me some advice¬†by telling¬†me it would be better to cover my ears with my swim cap.¬†I was like¬†alrightt¬†since I didn‚Äôt know what I should say.¬†Then,¬†Coach¬†Ariel¬†came and¬†told them that¬†I was going to swim for them, and they were like¬†oookay¬†while one of them were¬†calling¬†that swimmer that¬†did not¬†come one last time¬†trying to find¬†them.¬†Then, coach Ariel told me that I was going to swim breaststroke for them, and I was like GOOD! THANKGOODNESS¬†IT WAS A STROKE I WAS FASTER AT.¬†Soon, we went outside¬†to the place where you sit and wait near the pool and the¬†other¬†12th¬†graders that my team and I were¬†going against looked fast.¬†Among all the anxiety, the thing that scared me the most was¬†‚Äúwhat if my goggles fall off when I’m¬†diving or when¬†I’m¬†swimming?‚ÄĚ that was literally the thing I¬†feared¬†the most when¬†I’m¬†at swim meets.¬†Anyways, we¬†finally got to¬†the diving board. ‚ÄúBEEP!‚ÄĚ the timer thing roared. The first swimmer dived¬†into¬†the pool¬†and swam¬†her 50 meters backstroke.¬†While¬†she was¬†swimming, for the whole time I was pushing my goggles¬†towards my eye socket¬†so there’s a less chance of my goggles falling off.¬†When the person was almost done with her 50 meters backstroke,¬†I got on the¬†diving¬†block¬†being ready to swim my 50 meters breaststroke. Once she¬†touched the end of the pool, I dived in. Kicking, gliding, and¬†repeating those steps, I swam¬†my breaststroke and tried¬†not to let the other people pass me.¬†When I dived into the water it didn‚Äôt really feel so cold since I was¬†too¬†focused¬†on keeping up our place in the relay.¬†After I did my breaststroke,¬†someone dived in;¬†I got out of the water and waited till the other people in my group were¬†done. Then, I heard¬†some¬†12th¬†graders behind me¬†saying: ‚ÄúWow this girl is actually fast. She did pretty good!‚ÄĚ.¬†That was nice to hear and¬†I was glad that my goggles didn‚Äôt fall¬†off, we¬†were not last place¬†yet, and¬†we were pretty¬†in front/faster than most of the other swimmers we were swimming against.¬†¬†

After¬†the whole relay¬†ended,¬†we got second place and¬†when I was walking back to gym 3, one of the members in my relay team came up to me and said: ‚Äúyou did really good! ‚ÄĚ.¬†

The Ultimate Cup

  1.     2.

This is the cup Rafael and I made in science class for the Cup Insulator Design Challenge. In the first photo, it’s a picture of our paper prototype of the cup design we were going to make, and in the second picture it’s a photo of the final cup design.

The hardest thing about making this product is probably cutting out the cardboard cap (it’s not in these photos) because huge cardboard pieces don’t really bend, and when you cut out a circle from a big piece of cardboard that doesn’t bend, it’s kind of complicated. Some new skills I learned in this project is probably that I learned about the whole design process. The purpose of the cup is that it keeps the hot drinks inside the cup warm and it doesn’t cool down so quickly. First, me and my partner drew a model of our cup design that we were going to make. And then, we made a paper prototype of our model we drew on the piece of paper. After that, we started making the cup design out of some materials and when we were done, we tested it out with the temperature probe and some hot water. I learned that no matter how great your cup is, the temperature will eventually go down. My evidence is that everyone’s data is the same (the temperature eventually goes down) so no matter how great your cup design is, the temperature will go down. My reasoning is that me and Rafael’s baseline temperature was 93.0 degrees Celsius, and then after 5 minutes it turned into 82.6 degrees Celsius, and at last (after 10 minutes) the temperature was 74.9 degrees Celsius. As you can see, the temperature went down 18.1 degrees Celsius in total and that is my evidence. My reasoning for my claim is that the temperature went down because of the room temperature which is cooler than the temperature of the hot water, so the cup of hot water absorbs the room temperature which also means the room temperature slowly cools the cup of hot water down.

One thing I am proud of is that the cup design we made worked pretty well and it sort of stayed warm (it didn’t drop from 93.0 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius).¬† Something I would do differently is maybe make the cap connect to the cup design because the first time Rafael and I tested our cup design with the probe and hot water, the cap got half wet. And the second time Rafael and I tested out cup design, the cap suddenly dropped into the hot water and it completely soaked so we trashed it.

My Mini Arcade Creation

If i did this again, one thing I would do differently is I wouldn’t use duct tape because it doesn’t really work/stay on and the air somehow destroys it every single time so Eva and I have to fix it everytime. During the process, me and my partner worked really well and we laughed a lot but we still got our work done. My biggest success was that at last Eva and I found a way to hold the pieces together with hot glue and it didn’t break again. Overall, I think this product was successful because on the final day when the fourth graders came, it didn’t really break because we ended up hot gluing some parts to make it stable. My favourite part was breaking it because it was so satisfying (haha).

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