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School Trip to Lotte World

School Trip to Lotte World 


I could feel my happy emotion filling up my mind. And I could feel my heart pumping up and down like my heart is a full-running factory. 


I’ve been waiting for this day for a year! It’s the day for a field trip to an amusement park in Korea, Lotte World. I Packed up a little bag with some treats, a lunch box, and a drink. When I arrived at school, felt the classroom heated up than any time. Friends were talking with higher voices. “good morning Jaeyoon! I’m so excited about today! June ho, he is one of the friends who will be together during the trip. And suddenly Beomseo opened the door and shouted, “hello! Warriors!” with his both arms holding the vinyl bagAnd Doyoon followed Beomseo into the classroom. Both guys are with me and June ho. “Are you guys ready?” I asked. “Definitely!!!” they shouted. “What are you guys waiting for? Let’s go!!”  


We finally arrived! I felt too excited that I could hear my own heart pumping. We got our tickets and waited for the teacher’s signal. We talked about the plan we made in class. “We don’t have time, so we need to wait on line ‘mathematically’,” Beomseo announced. “Let’s ride from the popular ones to unpopular ones.” I suggested. “good! Let’s ride the biggest one in the lotte world first.” So, we planned to run where the biggest ride is, and be the fastest to arrive. “Now you guys can go and have fun!” Everyone ran. We ran toowe didn’t have much time, so we ran as fast as we can to ATLANTIC’: the biggest ride in lotte world. We got in the line, the fastest from our school. And we waitedWhen we waited for about 10 minutes, and it’s our turn. I felt very nervous because I don’t have good memories of the amusement parkBut the ride is already going up to the top… I thought ‘hmm, I almost vomited when I was 5. I might vomit during the progr…...>!!!!>:”!>@”:!>’ as I shouted inside my thought, I shouted in real life too.  


 I see all neighborhood in one glance. I hearscreams and windSuddenly, I felt my face wiggling because of the wind, and I felt the seatbelt fitting on me tight. I felt that I rode it for 30 minutes, but the actual time was 4 minutes. And that ride made my stomach a little bit uncomfortable 

“I’m done. Don’t try to convince me.” I grumbled. Please… Let’s ride the Viking!” Beomseo is trying to convince me for 10 minutes. I replied, “Nah but this one sentence, “We’ll buy you something if you ride the Viking with us!” It convinced me. So, I replied, “What are you waiting for? Let’s go!!” 

“WAAAHHAHHHH!!!!!!!” heard the scream of the ones in the Viking right now. A Viking is a ride that swings back and forth fast and high. When I was 5, I rode a Viking once, and I felt dizzy during the week. After that, I didn’t like Viking at all. But it’s good to have a try. “Let’s go to the line!” Doyoon said as he showed the ticket to the staff. We waited again. And it’s our turn again. “I’m so excited!” “me too.” My friends talked. But I was scared instead of excited. However, it already started. ‘it started to move!! Nooo!! Wait calm down… Breathe.. It’s getting higher!! Nooo!!!’ ahhhhhhhh!!!” “Help me!! I’m going to fall down!!!” and the up-and-downs made my stomach reeeeeeally uncomfortable. And it was about to come up from my belly, to my throat, and out of the mouth. yuk!” 


apologize to me!!” I was mad“you said that you will go. Not me.” Beomseo said. “ah…. never mind. You should abide by the promise though.” I spoke. “Okay. Calm down and say sorry to each other.” Junho said. “alright, alright.” we said. “I’ll buy you guys! Let’s go to the café and eat something.” Doyoon took us to the café in lotte world.  


I watched the menu paper. said, “I’m ordering this one.” Beomseo said, “Let’s just order this one for all of us. I’ll pay.” The milkshake came out. It was silence except for the straw sound. I apologized first. “I’m sorry.” Beomseo replied, “It’s okay.” “I learned something today.” I said as I sighed. “what is it?” “I should listen to myself than others.” After that day, I didn’t make a situation to blame others. I only listened to myself. Many things happened, but this is sure. I was very happy even I fought with my friend that day.  

‘Hit Da Target’ cardboard arcade


Skills that I learned or developed were cutting skills. I learned how to cut it deeply, or cut it light.

My biggest success was when we glued all the pieces clear.

Overall, I think this product was successful because 4th graders liked our game.


Science stuff

JJ’s temperature resistance cup

Where i am from

  Where I am from 

I am from computer. From RTX 2060 super and 144hz monitor 

I am from the playground full of happy laughs.  

(bright, happy everyone happy) 

I am frome the herb I got on a school event 

144hz was the best, and the play ground was my shelter 

I am from birthday celebrations and chooseok party, 

From my brother Yujun – cool as the winter, 

And my mom Somi – kind like an angel 

I am from the memorial  

And christmas party,  

From cute  

I am from Seoul, Korea 

Ice persimmon, spicy noodles 

From the mom and dad’s marry story, 

And Gimpo, it’s the evidence of our beautiful times. 


Draft 5

Draft 5

Think Link


Name Story


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