Cup insulator Design Challenge

I want to solve the heat getting longer

I will put the glass on top and glue the glass because when I was taking shower I saw that the mist was on the GLASS door so I thought: (I will put the glass on the top and it will heat up longer.

The hardest part was choosing the materials

The proud thing was sketching the cup

I don’t know the last question…….

When we tested the result was not so good because the material was not good to keep heating the cup if I have a challenge in 7th grade, I will think about more so I could heat longer


Cardboard arcade for 4th grade (4AG)

1.My biggest success was to make a cardboard arcade that 4th-grade liked. I knew they liked it because many students played our game and had fun with it.

2.One thing I want to change is that is to not put a hole in a goal. I knew that ball fell down to the ground and it will be gross(?) so if we didn’t put the hole it will be cleaner(?)

3(last). My biggest obstacle was using hot glue and a knife because it is dangerous to use and if I put the hot glue on the side, we couldn’t use it and if I put the knife out I couldn’t use it.