"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

My Cardboard Arcade: The Dropper

This, is my cardboard arcade creation. It is called the dropper.

You play this game by dropping a ball in the dropping zone, which is the area between the two wooden blocks. The objective is to get a bigger score than the person before you.

One thing I’d like to change is the position of the scores. The 100 score is in a place easy to get, and the 25 score is in a place you do not get much.

My biggest obstacle was only having duct tape in my home. When we were online learning, I only had duct tape and I needed a strong glue. When I took my arcade out every class, the sticks were all fallen down.

Skills that I learned was how to use a speedsquare and how to use a hot glue gun safely.

So, I think The Dropper was successful because although I did not get a lot of feedback and visitors, I learned a lot of valuable skills.

My Narrative

This is my narrative! Please read!

The Nerf Fight

My cup heat-saver!!!

Hello! This is my cup heat insulator. I designed it with Peter, and Ray. Let me tell you how

My insulator!

Top view

My insulator!

Side view

it works.  Our group first covered the inside with some felt. And then we put a lot of steel wool. Lastly, we covered it with more felt. I will now tell you why I made this project. The teacher’s coffee was cooling, and they don’t want it to. We could have done it more good if we had more time and if we had more materials.

I don’t know what do do in here.

What should I do in here? I don’t know. Is it kind of SNS? I don’t know what I should write in here.

This is my Thinklink

This is my Thinglink!!! 🙂


My name story

This is my name story!!!

HU_My name story_Jihoon Moon

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