My biggest obstacle was trying to find the right material to make a product that was in the shape of a bowl. The cardboard I was using wasn’t folding into the right shape so I tried using paper and taping it to the cardboard, but that didn’t work either.  In the end I tried taping the sides and then poking holes into the tape, and it worked really well. That turned out also being my biggest success.

Skills I Learned Or Developed

A skill I feel like I developed was thinking out of the box. I just couldn’t find a solution to my problem (finding a material that could be formed into the shape of a bowl), but once I started thinking out of the box all of my problems were coming to an end. I came up with an idea that is a little unusual (Using tape to make my product), and it worked!

Something I’d like to change about my prototype 

I think that something I would change about my prototype would be adding more detail and making a way for the oil to travel to the holes easier, so it wouldn’t look like a blank strainer and so that if I were selling it in real life people would consider buying it.


Some feedback I got was that I should probably add some sort of way to open the oil cartridge, and that my idea of making a spaghetti separator was smart.

My prototype was/wasn’t a success

Overall I think my prototype was a success despite all the difficulties I faced, because I spent a long time finding a good material to make my product look like a bowl, and in the end, I did get it into the right shape. Though there still are things I wish I could add, I feel like I tried hard and did my best.