We are trying to solve the problem of water getting cold to fast in the winter 

The first step we did was to make our own first drawing of our idea, this is my own design in the first picture, for our final design we made it based on my idea (the picture of the final design is picture 2). 

The EVA foam worked well on keeping the water hot because after the test I touched the foam and it was warm on the inside but cold on the outside, also I don’t think the bubble wrap did much help on keeping the water because the bubble wrap was warm on both sides so that means that the heat went through the bubble wrap after the 10 min test. 

The cotton was supposed to be the second layer after we stuck the cotton on, we realized that the cotton made the cup to fat, and that we can’t drink from it properly, so we made a change and took off the cotton and made the foam the second layer, we also made a thin layer made of foil tape for warm keeping and to make it prettier. 

I am most proud of our product and how it looks and how it can keep the water warm, I have learnt that we cannot use hot glue for this project because it will melt of the heat from the water.