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Claw machine cardboard arcade

I think the biggest success in our game was making the claw work because it is pretty hard to glue and think of ideas and try again and again to  glue the strings to the claws to make it work. and drilling some holes and stick the pole in there, so basically everything in the claws has to be just right to make sure it works.

The skills I learned was cutting the cardboard with knifes, not that I haven’t  cut stuff with that before, it is just that it is really hard to cut straight and curve lines, so most of the lines that came out was this wavy or wiggly lines that isn’t straight buy isn’t really curved. So over the practice, most of the lines I cut became straight or curvy, not in the middle.

One thing I would like to change it to change the size of the machine, it is too tall but could be a bit wider and the hole could to bigger and the walls to surrounding the hole should be taller because it is still easy to knock the toy in there.

The main concerned I had was that I did not know how the claw worked so I haven’t really thought about how the position of the strings glued to the claw really matters of how it works so I tried dozen of ways to glue .



Melting Hot Glue Insulator

The Hardest thing to do is trying to make the best of it using the limited materials and time. I learned that a insulator isn’t easy to make because the most materials we used made little difference

The problem was tryin to keep teacher’s coffee for a longer time. First through the define and inquire stage we decided what our prototype would look like what what materials would we use. Next throughout the develop and plan stage we hot glued every thing together and made it reusable and removable. Last we changed and added sth to our insulator to make the heat last longer.

Hot glue melt with hot water vaper easily. The evidence of this is every time when we take off the cap of the mug the hot glue melting everywhere on the mug making it poisonous to drink from. And I saw other group like this too their hot glue sticked to everything after 10 min. The reason is that the hot glue can not take like heat above 80 degrees and it melts 🙂

I am proud of what we did for the overall design, ever though we “failed” it was a fun experience and we learned sth. Next time we wouldn’t stick things with hot glue anymore because it melts easily. The hardest part is we didn’t have enough choice of materials and time so……

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