"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Grade 6 Science Design Challenge

  1. We were trying to solve the problem of drinks getting cold in mugs, so we designed a cup insulator which will keep the drink warm.
  2. First, we learned about the problem we are trying to solve (drinks getting cold in mugs), then we drew a plan, while we were drawing the plan, we thought of the materials and the length. Lastly, we created it. We made the insulator well built, and it was very strong and removable.
  3. My claim is that my insulator will slow the speed of the water’s temperature decreasing. During the experiment, the graph of the temperature of water decreasing supports my claim. It shows that the water’s temperature stays the same for an amount of time because the insulator helps the water stay warm. Also, we added a material that can help the water’s temperature stay warm, it reflects the heat back to the thing it’s covered on, like our mug.
  4. One thing I would do differently is that I would measure the material more precisely, because the insulator is a little big for the mug.
  5. One limitation my group found in this project is that there are some materials that are not in the design lab, so Stella (my partner) brought a special kind of material from her home.

My Cardboard Arcade Creation

This is my cardboard arcade that I made in design class. It is called Skee Ball, a game where you try to throw the ball into the holes and get a high score. If the hole is higher, you will get more points.  There is a hole in the front of the structure and when you throw the ball into one of the holes at the top, it will roll down the structure and you can pick it up again in the hole at the front.

My biggest obstacle was making the holes for the balls to throw in. We cannot cut out a perfect hole with a knife, so we used a very special tool to cut, and it was hard.

Skills that I learned were how to use a glue gun safely, how to organize my work, and how to cut with a knife.

Overall, I think this product was successful because the 4th graders loved it and most of them aimed for a second try.

Julie’s “Where I’m From” poem

This is my “Where I’m From” poem. Please enjoy!

Fang zi yan-My name story

This  is the story of my name, please enjoy!

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