Cardboard Arcade Project


The above is the arcade game my team and I made in grade 6. It’s for the 4th graders to play and for us to learn some skills of design and working with our hands. We made this within six classes. As I made this project, I learned new techniques  when making this. For example,  one of it was a pen-like sharp cutter.

My biggest success was cutting the holes of the front piece and making it perfect. I used the sharp cutter I talked about. It is really easy to get cut ,if you don’t be really careful, you’ll have a bloody finger after. I think I did it perfect because I didn’t have any accident and it looked perfect.

Overall, I think our project was successful because many 4th graders liked it and it’s not easy to get it in the hole. I did not get it into the 100 point hole! If I could do it again, I would make it smaller so it’s better to move and take with me.

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