Trap Heat Insulator

Cup Challenge

The problem we are dealing with is to trap the heat in a cup for as long as possible. Drinks would be cooled off fast that we can’t drink it in the perfect timing. The first thing we could do is putting a cup to trap the heat from coming outside from the top. We also need to warm the cup so we need to cover the cup with a layer. What I did first was putting my idea down and drawing the model of my project.

Putting a top on the cup is a great way to trap heat. When heat whets up, there is a top to trap it from going out that makes it fall down that traps the heat. For example, if you put hot water in a cup with no top; it would drop 20.9 degrees. If you put a top and side wrap around; it would only drop 8.8 degrees. The one with a top is almost 2.5 times better than the one with no top.

  • Improve on:
  • find better material to trap heat in stead of a cardboard cap.
  • test it several time
  • make the outside look better
  • Work well:
  • The change of the temperature wasn’t very big
  • made the outside look kinda nice

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