Heat Transfer unit Reflection

Explain the problem you were trying to solve: 

Climate change is happening so as the ice is melting in Antartica. Penguins have less place to live and even 100 penguins all standing in a 5m-by-5m ice platform. We are trying to design and build a penguin house that reduce heat transfer.

Explain the reason for your design and redesign 

I found which material could reflect the most heat and used it as the box to reduce heat transfer. After trying it one time, I added another layer that worked best in the line and added it to the first layer. 

Write an explanation about which design worked better, using the data you collected as evidence. 

The second design worked better because it gains 0.42g less. How many layers you add can affect the result. 

How has your understanding of the transfer of heat energy and temperature changed during the penguin project?  

I didn’t really understand it at first, but throughout the process I knew more and more. Until now, I sometimes still mess up conduction and convection. We didn’t talk a lot with temperature and kinetic energy, so my understanding is still very weak. 

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