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Humanities Personal Narrative

Humanities Narrative Assessment




I look up, and see the bell staring at it like it was a goal to heaven. Suddenly I hear Mr. Jarman shout, ‘’ quick hit the bell, you only have 12 seconds left ‘’. I listen to Mr. Jarman’s inspiring words and rush to the top of the wall and hit the bell. I jump of and then Mr. Jarman says that I got beat by 0.3 seconds, I was so mad.




Two days later I come back to the climbing wall, I saw that my enemy Jessica was there to, I was so nervous when I saw her because, we stared at each other and we both knew that there would be an epic showdown today. But she became nervouse we voted that I would go first. I got ready and put my foot high up and put my hands at a good grip, ‘’ 3, 2, 1, beep ‘’ I speed up the wall and suddenly get stuck for 2 seconds at a very annoying place, then I was ashamed at my muscles for failing me. I get to the bell and I just knew that I didn’t beat her, because I was stuck for 2 seconds.


Mr. Jarman started laughing and Jessica looked nervous, I beat Jessica by two seconds, Jessica started screaming ‘’ noooo ‘’.  I was so happy that I felt like I was accepted by the rock-climbing gods, and Mr. Jarman said, ‘’ go on, write your name on that wall ‘’. The moment he said that I felt like I just accomplished the impossible. For the next few days if I felt sad, angry I would just think that I beat Jessica, yes, I did. I beat Jessica.  I would always pass by the PE office and see my name on the board and would feel like I am the god of the rock climbing. Sadly, in the next two weeks my record was beaten by 2 seconds I tried to redeem, myself but it didn’t work it was beat by Cooper, but he was too fast, so I could not catch up. But I still knew that I did good.


Grade 6 Science Cup Insulator Project

These are two photos of my cup insulator  Model :





We were trying to put a cover on the Insulator to keep the heat from going out of the Cup . So we should’ve put a cover on the cup Insulator .



The Process of Making the Model

We First designed a Paper Prototype [ that we threw in the trash can [sad] [sad] ] .

Then we made sure the paper would fit the size of Cup/Mug and then we started making the actual model .

Then we got the actual materials that we need , and started Measuring the height and width of the cup/ Mug .

When I started doing the actual model Me and Han saw that the ribbon was not going to keep the heat in , and is not very stable for the cup insulator . So we switched the material from ribbon to tin foil .



What I learnt from the data of the Test


I learnt that in ten minutes it went from 89.6 degrees Celsius to 71.9 degrees celsius and went down 17.7 degrees celsius . And compared to the average , I wouldn’t call it a successful project but it was still okay compared to the average .


This is the Data

Time.     Temp [ celsius ]

0               89.6

1.              89.6

2.              85.9

3.              83.0

4.              81.2

5.              79.5

6.              77.8

7.              76.2

8.              74.7

9.              73.4

10.           71.9

TOTAL LOSS :  17.7 Degrees Celsius


The scientific reasoning of this project is that when it hit 3 minutes that the heat started to drop heavily each minute . It dropped around 1.5 or 1.7 approximately each minute since 3 minutes but it stayed at 89.6 the first two minutes but then dropped an enormous 3 celsius . 3 celsius does not seem like a lot but in ten minutes , for the heat to drop 17.7 is a very big difference .




What was the hardest thing about this project ?

The Hardest thing about this project was that we had to keep on making different models with different types of materials and seeing which materials where best at being a cup insulator and keeping heat inside the mug for as long as possible .


What are some limitations you and your partner had ?

There were two limitations I think almost everyone had , Number 1 is time . The thing about time is that we only had 3 lessons on it , and we only had one lesson on actually making the model . Number 2 is Material . We only had a limit to what we could use , for example we couldn’t use more than 3 types of materials . Me and Han used Tin foil, Wax paper , and this yellow type of paper that we don’t know the name of lol .







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