"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Kevin’s Science Design Challenge Reflection

Our design challenge was to keep the water in the mug as hot as possible for 10 minutes, me and my partner started with different ideas for the design challenge, and then we had an agreement that we will use my partners idea as the prototype, and finally we started to build our design.

If I did this again I would be more efficient because I was sometimes goofing around in this design challenge, another thing is I should start the building process more earlier so I and my partner can have more time to develop and change.

I learned that we should use our time wisely, because our design turned out terrible. the heat started from near 90 and dropped to 69 degree in 10 minutes, so I think I didn’t use my time well.

one limitation I thought was that the water in the mug had to be drinkable anytime before, in, and after the testing 10 minutes.

Kevin’s Card Board Arcade



One thing I would like to change is THE COLOR, because green in Chinese means something bad.

My biggest obstacle was not using my SUPER DUPER Card Board Arcade and turning it into a back up plan.

Over all it was pretty successful because there were a lot of people playing it.

Welcome to Your New Blog!

When you blog you create posts and posts are categorised according to your subject. Some categories have already been set up for you. If you need more categories you can add them as needed. It’s important that your posts have the following:

  • An engaging title – this should not include the name of the subject since this is referenced in the category.
  • Body – this is where you share your learning. This can include text, images, embedded videos from Dragons’ Tube or elsewhere. You should always consider how your post looks to your audience. Is it engaging? Do they want to keep reading?
  • Category – select one that has been set for you or add a new category. Posts can have more than one category e.g. Humanities and Myself as a Learner

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