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Product Design Reflection


Doing the sketch was fun and from it I learned a lot. My biggest success was having a variety of ideas  in limited time for my partner’s problems which included; melting ice-cream, undercooked rice and etc. one of the challenges I faced was balancing the amount of writing and sketching. Cause, I thought detailed writing will help my mark. But it didn’t. Overall, I think my sketch was okay cause I had most of the expectations needed in my sketch expect that I had to work on balance the amount of writing and drawing.


Making my invention was hard. The most challenging thing to make was the inner cup  of the invention. cause I changed my plan more than once. First I wanted to  make a cup that gets wider going up. But  every time I tried it, it didn’t work so I was thinking about making a calendar but the time was running out. So I had to use a paper cup to insert quickly, My biggest success was making the lid to prevent the liquid from spilling. cause it was easy for my to make and finish in a small amount of time since most of my time was wasted by trying to finish other parts of my invention. But, something I was disappointed in was how slowly I finished my invention, it was pretty hard finishing my invention on time so I had to use the last few minutes of class finishing it. On the other hand I am really proud of my invention since it’s the perfect invention to help my partner’s food waste problem which was; melted ice-cream.


I used communication by giving and getting feed back and share my thoughts with my partner and teacher.


I used creativity to help me invent different things that can help with food waste problems. Which,                        in my case was melted ice-cream.


I used responsibility  with almost everything. I hade to be responsible with the materials I was using to making my invention, I was responsible for finishing my work on time and also, being responsible for making sure I work hard to get a good mark on this project.

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