"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

My Cardboard Arcade Creation

My cardboard arcade’s biggest success was that we could easily control the game and it was very fun for the fourth grader because a lot of kids came to play our game, and had a lot of fun with it.

My cardboard arcade’ biggest obstacle was making it not get stuck, because sometimes it would get stuck in the middle of the game, which would make the marble fly out. The solution for this problem we used was making the cardboard smoother.

One of the many skills that I learned was how to protect and keep myself safe during the design process. I need to thank Mr. Layman for doing a great job on keeping us safe by teaching us how to hot glue, use a knife, and many others.

Overall, I think our product was great because a lot of people came to play it, it was also great to see kids laugh and have fun while playing our game.


And he jumped

My cat was purring lightly on my desk as the sun was setting down, leaving a light orange glow on my desk, my controller had an orange glow, quite alike the sun, the color was like a combination between the sun’s glow and the controller’s light blue. My name was on the controller in bright gold, like a thread of silk.

I headed to my chair and got ready to start gaming. I turned on my monitor and connected my controller. With my pro controller in hand, I started a short term of warm up. It was simple, just against some few of level 9s. Then my cat jumped up onto my desk, meowing.

“Get away, I’m gaming!” I smiled as my words slipped out of my mouth. My warmup could be later, I was 20 minutes early anyway.

As I was trying to fetch my cat’s toy, I saw a gecko. I looked back at my cat, the gecko and my cat were in a stare off. That was when I realized my cat was not here for a play time, he was not here for food, either, but came for the gecko. The gecko blinked as I went through a river of thoughts. The gecko blinked again.

Recalling back, it all happened in a split second. For a man who does not have the greatest of all eyes, it would have been just a blur of black and white, a boom, and a missing gecko. For a man like that, they would not be able to enjoy that moment and write about its months later. But since I barely blink and had eagle eyes, I caught the entire process and took a snapshot in my brain. Here, I will replay it in slow motion.

As my cat pulled his body and all his strength in its body towards him hind legs, he sent out his claws that hides within his paws. He pushed his fur up, it stood straight up, it made him look giant. Then he gave a big push on his hind leg.

And. He. Jumped.

He looked like he was flying. As he reached the ceiling, he grabbed his paw out and snatched the gecko in his mouth. Then KABAM, he smashed against the ground. But he instantly stood right up like any other slim creature would have and ran away to enjoy his meal. I felt as if the weak little gecko was staring into my eyes, depending on me to help him. Maybe he knew I was greater than him, maybe he knows I could save him. I let my cat take the gecko away. The gecko is probably dead by now, but my cat is still fat and well

I sat back down, held my controller, and thought there are many people in the world like the gecko, where they are prey for the cat, for the stronger.

Keep It Hot


We made a cup installer to keep whatever is in our mug hot and warm no matter what it is inside, coffee or water. In this process we found out that what makes our water cold is the steam inside the water that is hot and going up because it is lighter than the water within the cup. Then me and my teammate found out that if we can cover up our cup then the steam won’t go up and the liquid inside won’t get cold either.

I am proud how we made the steam inside the mug in the water and we slowed down the cooling. One thing that we could have done better was that we could have added more decorations, so it will look better.

The hot steam of the hot liquid inside going up is could keep the hot liquid inside hot because the steam’s temperature is very high, so it will keep the water inside hot. But then since the steam is lighter than the liquid because a gas is lighter than liquid, the steam will go away. So, we made a cap that will slow down the gas going out which will slow downing the cooling of the process.

Where I’m From

I am from the beeps and the bloops

From the iPads and Nintendo Switch

I am from the Land of 6388

Friends, Family, and even a cat that goes “Meow, Meow, Meow”

I am from the Mountains

Climbing forever up, up, and up

I’m from the New Year and the 24 hours of Christmas

From Howard, from Amy, and from my black and white cat

Each one of them filled with craziness and laughter that will never stop

I’m from the Bible and Amens

And from the holy wooden cross

I am from the eighth of April

That day I came out and met the world

I am from the highest jump of a cat to catch a tiny gecko, the size of a fly.

And a bam, and a boom, and he falls back down.

I am from the soccer field,

From the roaring ball, and the goal that seems to be forever moving

But most of all I am from memories forever running past me

Then coming back trapping me

In a trap that I don’t want to go out

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