"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Cup Insulator Design Challenge

  • For this design challenge, we are trying to keep the temperature of the hot water in the mug.


  • First, we made a draft for our design and measure the materials. And then, we made it out of our plan. After we finish our first product, we share with others and get some feedback. We take the good ones to improve our product.


  • I’m proud of our product in some places. For example, our product is doing well on how it preserves heat, how it looks. But our product did have a little problem with how to drinks it. So if I can do it again, I will make a better design on how to drink the water inside.


  • I learn in this design challenge that different material combinations can have a strongly different behavior in insulating. For example, my friend’s group’s insulator lose 13.7°C, but our group’s insulator did far higher than that; since the fact of both of use are using the same material mug, their insulator’s material has a better behavior than we have. The reason that their insulator’s material has a better behavior than we have is because that there’re more particles in their insulator’s materials.

My Cardboard Arcade Game

This quarter for design class, we(Lucas, Kevin, Samuel) made a  cardboard arcade for 4AG kids.

The object of this game is to shoot the arrow into the holes and get points.



The biggest success of the cardboard arcade is that we did a great job in teamwork and made a  great cardboard arcade. And 4th Greater enjoy playing it.

If we can make it again, we will decorate it again, not with everything green. We can decorate it with red and other colors.

Overall,  this cardboard arcade is a big success witch we practice collaborations, responsibility, and imagination.


Eternal Memories (Hum I am From Poem)

Eternal Memories (Hum I am From Poem)

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Behind a Chinese Name

This is my name story, please enjoy~


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