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cardboard arcade game Luke

This is my game. it is very complicated unstable brakes a lot is a little weird and badly designed but it has a theme that is the only good part. My biggest obstacle was building the catapult so addventully turned in to lunches which worked slightly better.  a disadveage about my game is that it is a lot of diffrent parts and has to be set up every time which is time consoming. Over all i think the game was some where between a succes and a fail because becuse people said they liked it but it did not seem like they whanted to give bad feedback

Heat Insulator Challenge

a. Liquid will not stay hot for a long time ( problem)

b. we stated by brainstorming separately than made one brain storm together. after that we made a all paper prototype and stared to make a final product but got a last second idea for another one so me and my parter split up on that once we tested we found that the first idea worked better but the second was a lot more removable and neater than the first but perseved heat worse. 

heat persever                                                                                   the neat




c. cup insulators insulate  liquid in the cup better than non.

e. the totel loss of the first insulator was 12.5 the secound was 15.1 and with out it was 20.9 this was all over ten minutes.

r. cup insulators contain heat.

I am proud that we were able to make two insators and we were able to have one that was very neat and one that perseved heat well.

the hardest thing was that we had very little time

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