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Cup Insulator Design Challenge


This challenge was done for multiple reasons 1) It is getting cold in Beijing, teachers need something to keep them warm  2) Most teachers have to walk all the way down to the teacher’s lounge from the 2nd or 3rd-floor,  there coffee is cold when they get to there classrooms.

Materials (we used)

.Tin foil


.E.v.a foam

.hot glue


when we were walking down to the lab on the first day of the challenge everyone was excited. We went in got an introduction to the lab and what we were doing and they proposed what exactly we were designing. Then the first class we brainstormed and then we made a paper prototype with was actually really hard because the glue would not stay and the paper top was a bad angel for gluing. In the next class, we got a paper to draw our design then we started making in the last 10 minutes so we had to delay finishing until the next class. when we finished in the final class we tested our insulator, which did really well and only lost 9.6 degrees Celcius and then we were done.


I would personally do this again, I enjoyed the experience of physically making a useful object that will be appreciated by the person you give it to


Baseline: 86 degrees

5 minutes: 80.4

10 minutes:77.4

C, E, R

I think our cup insulator did very well and was one of the best.

We only lost9.6 degrees in the 10 minutes and we went up from lower on the graph.

I think the layers in the cup and the tin foil bounced the steam causing it to stay heated up.


By: Max Benz, Samuel Xu

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