"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Significance of Me and Caleb’s Cardboard Arcade Game

Caleb and I designed this cardboard arcade game after we agreed to collaborate on this project together.

The biggest accomplishment for us would be creating lifelike models as targets for the players to shoot at. The player would toss the tinfoil ball  and try to land it inside the toilet roll. The biggest obstacle would be creating a stable catapult. I’d like to make more targets if I had more time. The catapult was really unstable and was hard to use. Overall, I think this project was successful because other people seemed to enjoy playing our game considering how much time we were given.

Cup Insulator Challenge 61 Raymond & Luke

A) The problem is that liquid in the teacher’s mugs won’t stay heated for a long time.
B) We started off using a design we thought would work, we were going to make an insulator out of cotton balls and aluminum foil. But after we created our final product, although it did well insulating the water, it was floppy and ugly. Plus, it stuck weirdly onto the mug. So, we made a new design that looked better but didn’t work that well.


First Design                                                                       Second Design


Claim: Mug insulators do insulate heat!

Evidence: The total loss of the first insulator was 8 degrees less than the cup without an insulator.

Reasoning: because the mug gets warmer when it’s insulated.

I am proud of the aesthetics of the second design, I would have changed the inside of the second design to cotton balls or something.


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