We are trying to make the cup lose less heat thathe control group. 

We are trying to make the cup lose less heat by wrapping it up like the wrap from Starbucks. But our cup insulator is not made of cardboard, we tried to add aluminum and cotton to the wrapping. We do that by using hot glue to glue the cotton ball on to a piece of a cloth which we hope that cotton ball can keep the heat up, then we add alum and another piece of cloth, but before we stick the cloth, we stick two pieces of Velcro to keep the wrap together, and this is our first test, it didn’t really work, so we add a cap, held by Velcro to keep the heat in, it worked a little bit, but not too much. 

I know that our cup insulator worked, because after 10 minutes, the total lost is smaller than nothing but it didn’t work a lot since the total lost is only like 4 degrees better. 

The first time the total lost is 18.6, which is with our cup insulator 1.0, its only 2.3 degrees better than nothing which is the control group. The second time its lost is 16.7, which is 16.7 degree, which is 4.2 degree better than control group, and is 1.9 degree better than the cup insulator 1.0, so this can support my claim. 

The first time I believe is because there is no cap, so the heat went out using the top, so we add the top, and it’s better than the first time, so it proved it worked, but the wrap didn’t have all the place wrapped, and it’s kind of broken, one of the places is cracked, so I think that’s why the degree still lost pretty much. 

I am proud of what we make only using item that can find using small limit amount of money. 

The hardest thing is making it better, because I kind of don’t know what the problem is and how to change my design.