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Cup Insulator Design Challenge

Cup Insulator Design Challenge

Group members: Meagan and Monica


The objective is to make an insulator for the cup and keep the drink in the cup hot as long as possible and the temperature doesn’t drop fast.



First, we read the question and knew what was going on. Then we started on what our design should look like. We shared out our thinking and design together and thought which one would be better to make. We drew the design on the Brainstorm sheet and wrote the steps of how to do the design. So we made a prototype with paper and thought what kind of materials should we use.


Then, we gathered the materials which are foam, Velcro, tin foil (with a sticky side), and potato plastic wrapper. We started cutting the shapes out and gluing the shapes together into a certain cup shape.


Next, we tested the insulator if it fits the cup and tested if it is waterproof and make sure that there was a hole to drink from.


In the end, my partner, Monica, downloaded a app called “Logger Pro” So we could test how many degrees we have lost in 10 minutes. The teacher poured the hot water into the cup with the insulator on the cup. We lost 12 degrees.

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